Dominated by the Doctor 3: Fertility Treatment

Doctor BDSM Breeding Erotica

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Doctor Schenn calls Ellen and tells her he has important news: he's got a new job as a surgeon at the hospital, and the next week's appointment will be their last. But how will Ellen react when he decides to take her body in the most complete way he can, by impregnating her?

Warning: this 3000 word story contains fingering, nipple clamps, BDSM and forced impregnation.

~~ The following excerpt is for 18+ readers ONLY!! ~~

After a couple of minutes, he did. He smiled when he saw Ellen as he opened the door. He had a black doctor’s bag with him this time, something Ellen had rarely seen him bring in. She knew the black bag meant there were toys of some kind that were going to be involved in this, and she could feel the space in between her thighs getting hot and moist just at the thought of it. 

“Hello Ellen, I’m glad you came today” he told her. “This is our last session as you know, but I did think long and hard about how to make it special for us” he added with a smile.

Ellen smiled back. This was definitely going to be bittersweet, and she couldn’t help but feel a tinge of sadness that this part of her life was going to end. 

“Stand up for me” Doctor Schenn ordered. Ellen did as she was told. “Turn around.” Again, Ellen followed his ordered immediately. 

Doctor Schenn looked her up and down, then had a peek up her skirt. “Ooooh, you decided to be a bit daring today. I like that” he complimented, making Ellen blush slightly. “But if you’re going to be naughty like that, going out in public without any underwear, I’m going to have to punish you. After all, it’s not very sanitary, and as your doctor I need to make sure you stay in good health.”

His words made the juices well up inside of Ellen’s pussy. She was soaking wet now, she could feel the first dribbles of her juices on her thighs. Ellen felt Doctor Schenn running his hands up and down her thighs, towards her ever wetter pussy and she let out a small moan. Doctor Schenn moved his hands up towards her pussy, sliding one finger, then two fingers, then three fingers inside of her.

Fiction & Literature
January 16
Sensations Publishing
Sensations Publishing

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