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Lady Amelia Fitzwilliam is approaching her thirtieth year, and her umpteenth Season without selecting a husband. Her elder brother is so concerned over this state of affairs that he's tripled her already obscene dowry in hopes that the coming Season will finally see her leg-shackled. Opposed to the establishment of marriage to begin with, Amelia has no intention of giving up her freedom—or the taboo predilections she engages in behind closed doors. After all, what lord of the ton would submit himself to a woman who enjoys subjecting her bedmates to pain and domination for life? Since she has yet to meet such a man, Amelia contents herself with the long life of spinsterhood stretching out before her.

Michael Darling is a simple gentleman farmer, satisfied to live out his days rusticating in the country. He has no reason to run off to London searching for a bride—except for the matter of his dire financial straits. Debt has bled his coffers dry, leaving him with only one option: quickly find and wed a woman with an enormous dowry. When he encounters Lady Amelia Fitzwilliam in a gaming hell, the lady's reputation precedes her. A wager made over a card game will put her within his grasp, but the discovery of her peculiar tastes in the bedroom has him wondering if they could ever make a good match. Soon, Michael will realize that Amelia's domination appeals to him more than he would have ever dreamed, causing him to fall rapidly under her spell. However, a dark past comes with Amelia's tendencies, making her hard to woo and even harder to love. Never one to back down from a challenge, Michael sets out to untangle the convoluted puzzle Amelia presents and, hopefully, win her heart.  

Fiction & Literature
September 25
Victoria Vale
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

UsAgrad1996 ,

This book was a surprising pleasure!

I wasn’t sure I would like this book... but the way Ms Vale writes, I loved it! The storyline is good but the sex is better! I liked that Michael fell first... and how he brought Amelia to face she could be worthy of that love... if you haven’t read Victoria Vale, you NEED to! Awesome book! I did receive ARC in return for a honest review.

Latrinaj ,


When I started reading this book I was worried about the d/s roles. I worried that Michael would to me, seem less masculine and Amelia more masculine. But I was 100 percent wrong.

I love the story line how they were drought together and their ending. Good job.

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