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This book shows a blatant disregard for social acceptability as it instructs readers toward one simple goal: total domination. It's egotistical, sexist, narcissistic, and completely practical. These are the secrets of the alpha male, and throughout the centuries, they have been the only real path to money, women, and power. If you've tried everything else, it may be time to use what actually works.


In every generation there are two groups. There are the masses. For them, the world is chaotic and painful. They live most of their lives knowing something is wrong but not knowing how to fix it. Their battle cry is one of weak mediocrity. They are neither satisfied nor rested. Their biggest fear is that they will die nothing more than the sum of their failures and frustrations.

There is another group. They are the elite, the Alphas. They understand the universe as an equation. They get it. They are free in all the ways that others are not because they are free of fear. Everything is in abundance for them. They have the friends you want. They have the jobs you want. They have the cars you want parked in front of the houses you wish you owned. They experience the life you want while surrounded by the women you want. All the things you dream about, they know how to get - easier, faster, and smarter than you can. At the end of every day, they sleep with ease, looking forward to the next day's adventures.

Which group are you a member of? What if you had a choice? This book will give you that choice.

Inside You Will Discover...

Part 1: Social Basics

Being the envy of those around you

How you choose to see yourself and those around you dictates how you assign value. We are going to stack the deck in your favor by preventing you from sabotaging your own value and stopping you from over-inflating the value of those around you. With these skills, you can thrive in any social environment.

Part 2: Business Basics

Failure and other necessary ingredients for success

This is your guide for maneuvering when things periodically and inevitably go wrong in the business world. Where most men become paralyzed, you will become stronger. This is the art of building today's success out of yesterday's failures.

Part 3: Power Basics

Understanding the source and nature of your power

The source and nature of your power is no great secret, yet most men will never understand these concepts because they expect complex answers. By accepting the truths you didn't expect, and taking action on a plan that is deceptively simple, you will gain power far beyond what you thought possible.

February 10
Drawk Kwast Holdings LLC
Drawk Kwast Holdings LLC

Customer Reviews

thegmann ,

Better than it's cover, a powerful hidden gem.

I bought this book because of its cover. I know you're not supposed to judge a book by it's cover, but I did. I can say that the author has a gift for letting you see a completely different perspective on life. His writing style is very in your face, this is what works, and he doesn't waste pages trying to make you feel better about everything. I was a little disappointed that I couldn't find a more detailed description of what's actually inside, so I've included a short summary of this book's three sections below so you know what you are about to buy.

Part 1: Social Basics - This first section shows how people can rob you of your "social power" and teaches you how to increase it. He gives examples ranging from picking up girls to maintaining your cool around other alpha males.

Part 2: Business Basics - The next section shows you what's going on in the minds of successful entrepreneurs and salesmen. I was most interested in the part about how often successful people fail, and more importantly how they fail, before they become successful.

Part 3: Power Basics - The other two sections are really just a warm-up to this last part. He turned everything I thought I knew about the dynamics of power upside down, like reading "The Prince" for the first time. After finishing this book, I have a much clearer understanding of why what I was doing to put myself ahead in life wasn't always successful.

Murrays ,

Innovative and Different

Despite its ominous sounding title, this book provides a look at power and politics in society and personal interactions. The author presents a different view on power and the way that it is acquired for anybody who wants to understand that dynamic within the relationships and interactions in their lives.

Life of a trucker ,

Domination Basic

I bought book now can't read it cause of a errors went wrong after I bought it. Give it 1 star until I can read it

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