Dominique's Hotwife Cruise

Thomas Roberts and Others
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Dominique is an innocent virgin when her new husband wins a honeymoon Caribbean cruise for two. They have no idea the voyage is a no-holds-barred clothing-optional cruise for hotwives! Their lives are changed forever as she's taken brutally and unprotected by sixteen horny couples, BBC stud James from Billionaire's Ravished Hotwife,' and several brawny crewmen!

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

The thought of thirty or forty people naked, or at least clothing-optional, and having random sex with each other, regardless of who they were married to, was pressing some of Dominique's forbidden buttons.

Steve put a comforting arm around her, which only made things worse. Dominique wanted her husband. She wanted to strip off her clothes and make love to Steve right there in the lounge. She was quivering with anticipation as she looked at him with longing, imploring eyes.

This was all wrong. Dominique stood straighter, trying to control herself. I'm a Christian woman and a wife. The idea of making love with another man is repulsive. It's wrong,' she thought, then. Why do I feel all tingly down there?'

As Buffy approached, she carefully assessed them. They were undoubtedly good looking enough for the cruise. The men would love Dominique. If it came to that, she loved Dominique, and Steve wasn't bad at all. Buffy wondered what he'd look like naked. 

The sun behind her made Buffy's long, tan legs clearly visible. It was almost as though she wasn't wearing the sheer white mid-calf length skirt. As she drew closer, Steve could tell she wasn't wearing panties.

A large black gentleman, dressed in an impressively starched white tropical uniform, and holding a hat with a lot of gold trim, had joined her.

After introducing herself again as the Cruise Director, Buffy said in a soft, soothing voice, "I'd like to introduce you to the ship's Captain." She flashed the Captain a bright smile that lingered just a beat too long.

"Thank you, Buffy," he said and shook hands with Steve and then with Dominique. He held Dominique's hand just a moment longer than was necessary. "I hope to be able to help." Steve was fascinated by the sight of his wife's soft white hand swallowed by the Captain's large black one.

"Your reservation has been accounted for," he continued. "But, there was no cabin booked." The Captain sat beside Dominique and laid his gleaming white hat on the next chair.

Dominique's body flushed  the black man radiated command and primitive heat. He even smelled hot. She couldn't look at Steve, wondering what he thought of her. The back of her dress, touching the plastic-covered chair, was smeared with hot wetness. Without Dominique knowing, her dress was becoming transparent.

"This resulted in a stateroom not being reserved for you." The Captain continued, looking honestly unhappy.

"We're trying to find a solution, but short of a last-minute cancellation, there is no room," the Captain's voice transmitted the hurt he felt at the mix-up.

It might be for the best if their trip were canceled. People would be going without clothing and doing things in public, and they'd expect her to be naked also. It was all wrong.

The thought of what might happen was causing her to spasm. Wonderful feelings she didn't try to deny. The whole idea of the cruise had been so exciting for just the two of them, and now she felt more aroused than she had in years. Maybe ever.

 "Your husband has explained the importance of this cruise to you," The Captain had returned. "Imagine a woman on her honeymoon on our cruise. You'll be treated like royalty."

Fiction & Literature
January 28
Boruma Publishing
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