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Donkey’s Dreams & Other Tales is an environment friendly book consisting of five short stories that are simple and thought provoking. A little donkey wonders why his ancestors teamed up with homo sapiens 6000 years ago and ended up getting such a raw deal. He asks his grandfather if donkeys can ever hope to enslave men. He dreams of boarding a plane and going to the United States because he has heard it's a donkey-friendly country quite unlike his native Egypt.
When a panda is captured from her home in China and shifted to a faraway destination she is treated to a series of novel experiences, both bitter and sweet. She wonders why she’s called giant panda when she’s hardly three feet tall. And why humans capture animals and put them in cages only to ogle at them. She doesn’t understand why they give her eggs and honey to eat when all she wants is bamboo. In fact she has a lot to learn before they let her go home years later with her newborn.
Cleopatra, the mother squirrel, inspires a teenager to start an animal rights group. But not before she and her babies are nearly evicted from a long abandoned house where they had taken shelter.
A lioness in the Serengeti gets ready to lead her pride on their next hunting venture when an unexpected turn of events prompts her to save the life of an infant human.
A red fox and a wounded dog strike up an enduring friendship. Willie is devoted to humans whereas Wily loathes them. The duo have different opinions and heated arguments but their bond remains unbreakable.
The stories in this collection see the world from the perspective of different animals, some of whom are facing the threat of extinction. The hapless creatures spell out their hopes and fears and gently remind us that the earth is their home too.

April 1
Pushpa Kurup
Smashwords, Inc.

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