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Samantha Brennan, Washoe County detective and a member of Crimes Against Children, is dedicated to finding pedophiles who stalk their teenage victims online. Raped as a child, Sam blamed her parents for not protecting her. Even with counseling she's been unable to move past her experience. The emotional scars have left her hating to be touched by anyone. It's also prevented her from forming relationships with men--until now. Sam works internet chatrooms to prevent young girls from going through the same trauma Sam's still struggling with.

Reno police lieutenant, Devlin O'Reilly, is a loose cannon who works alone. He prefers working undercover and catching bad guys. A gun in the perp's mouth gives Dev a real rush. He worked in the missing children division but burned out because they seldom found the children alive. Now he's forced to work one more, and with a Washoe detective. Dev likes women surgically enhanced. He prefers brainless bimbos and a relationship to him is a long weekend. This attitude toward women results from a bad marriage. The wman lied and said she was pregnant. Devlin married her. After the marriage she said she lost the baby. When she realized that a cop didn't make that much money she cheated on Devlin, sometimes with other cops in his division. When she found a sugar daddy she walked out on Devlin. Dev has vowed never to let any woman do that to him again.

Forced to work together when a fourteen year-old girl leaves home to meet a 'boy' from a chatroom. Sam and Devlin have to overcome many of their personal challenges. They both know the girl is not going to find a peer who understands her, but a man who will terrorize and rape her. 

Sam and Dev gather information and profile the perp and realize this is not the first time this pedophile has lured a girl to meet him. Devlin pulls statistics from five years back. The information indicates a pattern indicating the pedophile has been doing this for several years and in different cities. He finds his victims online, meets them and disposes of them. The girls never return home and their bodies are never found. It's looking like he might not be just a pedophile, but a serial killer.

Sam and Dev work to figure out how to outsmart the pedophile and possible serial killer, but he's always one step ahead of them. Dev finds he's becoming interested in Sam. She works hard and shares her information easi8ly. Plus, she's very sexy and becoming more approachable.

Sam is learning to trust Devlin. She's more comfortable being touched and more open to other people. She wonders if the professional relationship with Devlin might become something more after the case is over.

They follow the pedophile to Sacramento and work with the local police. Just when they think they have the pedophile--it turns out he's set up another man to take the fall. The pedophile is still one step ahead of them and now there's another girl in danger.

Will they find him in time? Is there a future for Sam and Devlin?

October 18
Beverley Bateman
Draft2Digital, LLC

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