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"I laughed (a lot), cried (a little), and wanted to stab a certain family member. DON’T LET IT SNOW IN DEADWOOD brings all the feels!”—Renee George, USA Today Bestselling Author

It’s Christmas Eve and Violet Parker has one request on her list for Santa—to make it home to her kids. Unfortunately, “home” is also the lair of her life-long nemesis, her sister Susan (aka the devil’s concubine).

Standing in Violet’s way is Old Man Winter, who slammed the Black Hills with a show-stopping blizzard. However, a little snow isn’t going to ground her sleigh, not with family counting on her to deliver Santa’s goods.

Trying to keep Christmas from turning into a candy cane calamity, Violet battles her demons and struggles through the chaos storming around her.

Can she make it through the holiday without cracking anyone’s nut?

“Keep your fingers crossed this whole holiday doesn’t blow up in our faces.”

—Violet Parker

November 9
Ann Charles
Ann Charles

Customer Reviews

JWReinhold ,

Christmas time hilarity

It's Christmas time hilarity as Violet tries to make it to her parent's house and to her kids for the holiday while trying to keep her calm knowing that the demon that her parents call her sister is waiting to pounce!
This is her and Doc's first Christmas together and her nerves are already rattled knowing her sister has already been sniffing around, and with their history, there is no telling what hell the woman is going to conjure up!
It takes a village, well her entire circle of friends at least, to help Violet battle Old Man Winter and her inner demons to make it home for the holidays.
Once again, I laughed out loud from the very beginning to the last page as Ann recounts a tale of Christmas gone haywire in her unique style.

math wizard ,


An excellent and interesting story about family friends and Christmas. Violet is due home to her parents for Christmas with Doc, her children, parents and the sister from hell. Now let’s start with a snow storm / blizzard and add pick up of Doc and drop off of gifts and other items. The storm gets worst and Violet ends up going to her parents but not with just Doc. She has managed to add friends and a couple of surprises. The trip to her parents is very interesting and humorous with a couple of unusual eye openers. Arriving home to her parents is a twist in itself but the surprises and plots twists do not stop there!
We are throughout the story given more information about the sister to hell,Susan and their relationship which has been very rocky! The latest antic by Susan will shock you but the end result will shock you more!
I highly recommend this book! The series is excellent and I recommend it highly as well! As Christmas stories I give this 10 stars!

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