Book 2 - Dark Sins

Don't Love A Liar

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She thinks his job is to protect her. It isn’t.

Remy St. Clair has been a criminal, a thief, and a killer. He’s been the hero who rushes in to save the day. He’s been the corporate CEO who runs the world. He’s been everything.

He’s been nothing.

That’s Remy’s talent. He’s a chameleon. He can become anyone, and he can do anything. Remy does whatever it takes to get the job done. He’s the FBI’s secret weapon.

This time, Kennedy Clarke is the job. Remy is supposed to get close to her and find out everything she knows about a killer who is turning Louisiana red with blood. Only Kennedy isn’t the woman Remy expects her to be. Not the rich party girl. She’s scared and lost, and she’s a victim in this tangled web. She wants someone to rely on. Someone who will help her when the whole world falls in flames around her.

She thinks Remy is that guy. She’s dead wrong. Remy is the one working against her even as he swears to protect her.

But the longer Remy is with Kennedy, pretending to be her protector, pretending to be the lover she needs, the more he wants her. Soon, even Remy isn’t sure what’s right and what’s wrong any longer.

The only thing he knows…he can’t let Kennedy go. Too bad he’s betraying the one woman he wants more than any other.

Ready for a dark and dangerous romantic suspense? Be careful who you trust, and remember that no one is really who you think in New York Times best-selling author Cynthia Eden’s DON’T LOVE A LIAR.

November 13
Hocus Pocus Publishing, Inc.
Hocus Pocus Publishing, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Bshksuhwb ,

Don’t Love A Liar. Review by Christine Jalili

There’s no words to describe how great this book is. I stayed on edge the whole time and my heart wouldn’t stop racing so hard. Who is the killer? I was shocked at the end. Loved how Kennedy instantly fell for Remy. But they both have secrets, can they trust each other? So many twists and I couldn’t stop reading. I highly recommend this book.

~Mindy Lou~ ,

Who did it?

Remy St. Clair, FBI agent undercover tasked to get close to Kennedy Clarke. Remy is known to do anything he can to solve a case. Getting close to a beautiful woman will be easy, except he didn't plan on falling for her.

Kennedy Clarke, twin sister to a man who everyone is accusing of being the broken doll killer. She knows her brother is innocent. Finding someone willing to help her clear his name hasn't been easy until she meets Remy. What she doesn't know is that he isn't who she thinks he is.

If you have read Don't Trust A Killer, then you have already met Remy when he was an undercover agent trying to find evidence against Kace. Kace was a club owner accused of being a crime lord. Remy is used to leading a double life and thought Kennedy would be just another case.

Once again the author did a fabulous job of leading the reader on a merry chase to find a killer. It was never clear who was really behind the killings and she showcased a few people who it could be. I like that she made us work for the answer. I must admit I was still switching my choice all the way up to the end.

Even though Remy was lying to Kennedy about who he was, his feelings for her were very, real. We got to see these two as a couple early on and Remy was very protective on her. Kennedy was a sweet character. She loves her brother and just wanted to clear his name.

I'm pretty curious who will be the next couple in the series and what new suspense the author will bring us. Maybe FBI Agent Joshua?

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