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Think back on your life and remember all the times you were wandering aimlessly without any goals or direction. Were there times you felt like a huge failure? Were there other moments when you could not figure out what to do? If so, you are not alone. Many people are living in their own private misery, unsure of where to go or who to turn to.

What these individuals would benefit from are some good life coaching sessions. A life coach is someone who helps others overcome obstacles and live their best life. There are many different types of life coaches who are able to bring value in any area of a person's life, whether career, personal, relationships, or health. A life coach does not have the answers. They have the right questions to help you come to the right answers yourself because the best solutions for your success will be found by you.

In our book, Don't Make Me Use My Life Coach Voice, we will provide detailed information about what a life coach is and how they can bring value to someone's life. As you read through the chapters, you will also be able to determine if this is a field you are passionate about. If so, you may consider becoming a life coach too. The field is growing and we can use all the help we can get. After completing this book, you will:
Fully understand what a life coach is and they are not.Numerous techniques and skills that can make any life coach successful.The importance of asking questions appropriately during a coaching session, which includes the right questions, right tone, right time, and right circumstances.Specific coaching practices like intuitive coaching, mindset coaching, and business coaching, and how you can be successful in each.The power of habits and how to change or form them.
Life coaching is a rewarding field, and whether you are on the coaching side or client's side, you will gain immense value with each session. While there are many challenges to being a coach, watching someone pick themselves up from the lowest points in their lives is a true gift that never stops giving. If you are excited to learn more about this field, do not wait any longer. Get a copy of this book right away and experience the many ways life coaching can change a person's life in ways you could never imagine. "Don't make me use my life coach voice" to tell you!

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November 8
Elvin Coaches
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