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How are we as Christians called to respond when cancer invades our lives, whether our own bodies or those of our friends and family?
On the eve of his own cancer surgery, John Piper writes about cancer as an opportunity to glorify God. With pastoral sensitivity, compassion, and strength, Piper gently but firmly acknowledges that we can indeed waste our cancer when we don’t see how it is God’s good plan for us and a hope-filled path for making much of Jesus.

Religion & Spirituality
February 21

Customer Reviews

Doc Joe ,

Don't Waste Your Cancer

I an suffering from anemia resulting from lymphoma of six years. I am tired of feeling fatigued and feel I will soon die from this disease. Reading this book helped me realize my mistakes in allowing my cancer to run my life and even pull me away from God. I wanted to give up, not take on more. I recognized this way of living as "living as a dying man" rather than "living as a living man." I must continue to work for Him, up to my final breath, whenever that may be. God be praised!

Rockstar'swife ,

Don't Waste Your Cancer

John Piper put into words my thoughts and feelings. God's perfect timing!

Simple & Concise ,

Don't scoff

Although this book seems to firmly block the Christians assurance that the provision of the Cross has cured cancer and every other damnable disease put on us by sin and Satan, it certainly succeeds in giving awesome guidelines on how to defeat the monster C. As such I say well done Pastor Piper. Thank you. It also occurs to me that substitute every trial in your life where it says cancer, and you have now made that stumbling block a step to growing in your maturity in Christ!

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