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A drug dealer turned informant navigates New York’s underworld in a tale that “maintains tension” from an Edgar Award finalist (The New York Times Book Review).

A twenty-nine-year-old Italian immigrant, Tony Farrell has all the trappings of success: custom threads, an imported roadster, an apartment in an elegant duplex on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, and a devoted girlfriend and business partner, Liz, who thinks she’s nabbed her own Al Pacino. On the downside, their little First Avenue bistro, Anthony’s, is in the red . . . until Tony agrees to pay his debts to a Mob loan shark the only way he can—turning his beloved restaurant into a hot spot for the drug trade. It’s a move that will lead to Tony’s undoing.

Busted by undercover cops, Tony’s only hope is to become an informant for an FBI task force. The plan is to help them catch a powerful Haitian drug lord known as the Giant, who’s importing raw coke from South America via American cruise lines. But this fresh new nightmare won’t consume just Tony; it’s about to trap everyone he knows—lovers and enemies. And making it out alive isn’t going to be easy because, when the world gets this dark, it’s impossible to know who to trust or where to run.

Edward Keyes’s true-crime book The Michigan Murders was named an Edgar Award finalist. In Double Dare, he presents the gripping tale of a man caught between the Mafia and law enforcement in a novel praised by Robin Moore, author of The French Connection, as “the most suspenseful, fast-moving police story of its genre [he’s] ever read.”

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February 28
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Customer Reviews

Stuytown ,

Double Dare by Edward Keyes

It’s an amazing story that keeps you on the edge of yoru seat (if you’re sitting). Base on a true story: a young hip, good-looking business guy in New York City, running his own restaurant, living the high life with his special lady, upscale apartment, luxury car, etc…until…due to the economy and fall-off of business at his restaurant, his successful venture is going downhill. He decides to take a small risk- which turns out to be a deadly liability situation.

Tony, the main character, takes money from a Loan Shark, and loves to regret it mightily. The Loan Shark and goons compel Tony to get involved in an illegal drug smuggling operation run by “The Giant” a sophisticated and magnanimous African-American, with ferocious tursted yet unconvinced (about Tony) soldiers at his command.

Once caught by the undercover Feds, Tony, to survive and protect his lady and his own life, in secret, agrees to work as an informant, now tip-toeing a dangerous tightrope between the Feds Task Force, the Mafia, and the Black Mob. Tony has earned the respect and trust of “The Giant” and has family ties with the Italian Mafia.

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