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The Dogfather has one more child to marry off…but Darcy Kilcannon has no interest in her father’s matchmaking shenanigans. The youngest Kilcannon is seeking one thing only, and it’s not a husband. Darcy is ready to launch her own business in town, move into her own apartment, and become her own woman. But when she walks into the gorgeous brownstone that her father just “happened” to help her find, Darcy takes one look at the hot landlord and she knows the Dogfather has been up to his old tricks. Sure the landlord’s a hunk and a half, but his “no pets” policy is a huge turnoff to a dog groomer who won’t dream of living without her beloved Kookie.

Joshua Ranier moved to Bitter Bark to get out of the shadow of his overbearing stepfamily and keep his shattered heart securely on ice. His only focus is his construction business, and the brownstone he’s renting and renovating…until he meets the sexy, sassy blonde tenant sneaking a fuzzy white dog even though he’s banned pets because of construction dangers. Then Josh starts thinking about things he shouldn’t. And it isn’t when the rent’s due.

But when a blind dog lands on Josh’s doorstep, he needs Darcy’s help. As they race to restore little Stella’s vision and solve a mystery that’s tearing his family apart, Josh and Darcy begin to see the light, too. It will take one double dog dare, two precious puppers, and the full power of the Kilcannon clan for this couple to find their happy ever after.

Note to animal lovers: Every dog on the covers of The Dogfather books is a rescue from the Alaqua Animal Refuge in the author’s home state of Florida, where the covers were photographed. A portion of proceeds from every book in the series is donated to this amazing shelter. So you don’t just get a great book, you help a deserving animal find a forever home!

August 9
South Street Publishing
Roxanne St. Claire

Customer Reviews

Mpomper514 ,

Double Dog Dare

Absolutely love this series. Book 7 in the series revolves around the baby of the Kilcannon family - Darcy. When she moved back home after the passing of her mom it was to help fill a void left by her passing. Now Darcy feels she needs to spread her wings and move out and open her own Doggie Spa. Enter Hot Landlord, Joshua, who is a strictly for rules, and one of them is no pets allowed. No way, no how will Darcy go anywhere without her beloved Kookie. When Joshua's ex leaves Stella (her now blind dog) with Joshua, Darcy steps in to help. Love how the storyline develops between them. While this is book 7 in a series you can definitely read this as a stand alone book. However, you'll get more enjoyment since each book builds on all the characters you will read about in this book. Highly recommend everyone to read this series. Can't wait to read the Dogfather's story. Do not want this series to end!

jk(9 ,

Double Dog Dare

Enjoyed the book.

Egtvedt94 ,

Another Great Kilcannon Adventure!

Roxanne St. Claire is an automatic read for me every time. This latest book in the Dogfather series brings us back to Bitter Bark once again for the story of Darcy, the last of the single and the youngest Killcannon sibling. This story starts with Darcy Kilcannon turning thirty, and Josh Ranier having his own life event making him swear off relationships for good. Darcy, set on finding independence instead of love meets Josh, who happens to be her landlord, then they begin a journey where simply being “friends with dogs” is the goal. Little did they know that their attempt to do what was best for the dogs, especially poor Stella, would bring them closer together and eventually lead to their own happily ever after.

Roxanne St. Claire is again dependable in her creativity to tell a beautiful, adventurous, and often suspenseful story. She created Bitter Bark with everything you’d expect from a quaint small town with unique and loveable characters, and by book seven it is no longer a fictitious town within the pages of a book, but rather a familiar location that readers feel they have experienced in person. Part of what I love so much about her stories are the characters she creates and the uniqueness of them all. In a family with six siblings, there are no cookie cutter characters, each have their own voice and personality to add to the story. We even catch a glimpse of a past hero and his love from an earlier novel (not set in this series) that allows readers to see how they are today. But it is her ability to create heartwarming and humorous secondary characters that I love the most about her stories, and her Dogfather series does not disappoint. Roxanne’s love of family, the dedication to detail of how this family works together to run Waterford Farms makes this series so endearing and enjoyable. Although Darcy and Josh are a strong candidate for my favorite couple of the series, I was thrilled to know there would be more in the Dogfather series, with the next being the Dogfather himself, and then perhaps the Mahoney cousins. Do yourself a favor and visit Bitter Bark- you won’t be disappointed!

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