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From bestselling mystery author Stephanie Caffrey comes another killer adventure from Sin City's most unlikely detective...

Raven McShane, Las Vegas' sauciest private detective, is a lot of things: exotic dancer, shoe shopper, fad dieter, day drinker—just to name a few. But blackjack player? Not so much. And so when a new client asks her to infiltrate his card-counting ring to see who's skimming profits off the top, she's tasked with learning how to become a passable card player and fast! At first she's worried about being dragged heels-first out of the casinos, but soon enough she finds herself mixed up in a situation much bigger than just her client's little card-counting group. And the timing couldn't be worse, either, as it coincides with the increased romantic interest from a wealthy and powerful admirer. Can Raven solve a mystery, save herself, and ignite a new relationship all at once?

Raven McShane Mysteries:
Diva Las Vegas (book #1)
Vegas Stripped (book #2)
Royal Flush (book #3)
Double Down (book #4)
Even Money (book #5)

"A spectacular blend of hardboiled detective work and outrageously funny scenes. I can't imagine why anyone would want to miss out on a single book!"
~ Fresh Fiction
"Reminded me of Evanovich and Parker..."
~ Chucktown Reader

"(DIVA LAS VEGAS) is possibly the best first book of any series I have read. I am always looking for new authors and series, and this one is a true masterpiece. I can hardly wait for the next book."
~ Mystery Lover

Mysteries & Thrillers
April 5
Gemma Halliday Publishing
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Customer Reviews

Laceypooh ,

Double Down Good!!!

Double Down is a most enjoyable book. I found myself wanting to read it more often than normal. I read it getting dressed in the morning, on my way to work on transit, at lunch, on my way home from work and before I went to bed. Double Down is intriguing. It starts with one mystery that leads to another case that leads into more. Raven McShane is a boob-enhanced stripper turned PI but still a stripper. Does it sound confusing? I think it does for Raven too. Raven is hired by a card counting Black Jack 21 card player with a team to find out why they are losing money and no longer winning at the table. Interestingly, how this team came to be is quite fascinating. She was hired because of her reputation as a PI. She previously solved a case that the Las Vegas Police Department got all wrong and became famous. There are twists and turn galore in Double Down that kept me reading and trying to find holes in my day to fill with this book. There’s even romance in this book. The romance isn’t salacious. The violence isn’t gruesome or over the top. It’s just a good mystery that’s easy to read and most definitely enjoyable. You may find yourself rooting for the underdogs in this book. Read Double Down. You will not be disappointed.

Ajareins1267 ,

Double down

The Porsche Cayenne isn’t a convertible it’s an SUV. you meant the Cayman

Gabbiegirl2 ,


This is a fun mystery from the first page. You will great drawn in and enjoy Raven as a PI. You will be kept guessing to the last page. Loved this book.

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