Double or Nothing: MMF Menage Romance

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Publisher Description

She's doubling down when it comes to love...

Drake Wilson has everything going his way. He's rich, handsome, and runs one of the premier luxury hotel-casinos in Las Vegas. Oh, and he's having a scorching-hot affair with Bruce York, his badass bodyguard. He's made the Martello a Vegas success story...but everything changes when the casino is being sold. The sting of losing his casino is lessened when he sees the accountant overseeing the sale. Claire Long is intelligent, beautiful, and so outwardly professional that he's sure she must be wild between the sheets. Maybe it's time to bring a woman into his life with Bruce again, but with Claire, their work is cut out for them. First impressions are everything, and Claire seems to think Drake is an arrogant jerk who will only make her job difficult. Proving her wrong is his first test. Making Claire theirs is the second. And he's a man ready to rise to any challenge.

It's so typical. All the good men are gay. Or at least that's what a disheartened Claire believes until she discovers the sexy, debonair owner of the Martello and his big, rough-and-tough bodyguard are both bisexual. That suddenly makes her personal never-tell-anyone fantasies about them seem like something that could actually happen. Sure, Drake is so confident that he borders on arrogant, but then again, he has a lot to be proud of—mostly having a man like Bruce love him. And Bruce? Well, he might look like a movie thug, but he's quiet and kind and has the muscles of a demigod. Her desire aside, she's not sure she wants to bet on a relationship, even with all the glitz and glamour of the Vegas high-life. After all, she has a job to do, and doubling down on love might leave her the biggest loser in the house. 

Bruce York has been Drake's personal bodyguard for years...and these days, he's feeling a bit restless. Keeping Drake safe in Vegas is dangerously boring because it's so easy. He's feeling like a kept man drowning in all this money and luxury. But everything takes a wild turn when the offer on the casino brings Claire into his life. She's exactly his type of woman for so many reasons, and he knows she's good for Drake. Not only that but she's brought excitement and challenge back into Bruce's life. But Claire will be leaving Vegas for good when the sale goes through. Time is running out, and conflicting interests might leave all three of them out of luck and out of love...

Reader note: contains MMF menage, hot romance elements, Vegas casinos, sexy bodyguards, and male/male love

May 19
Etopia Press
Wolf Hill Publishing, LLC

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