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She knows what she wants, and how to get it...

Avery Preston knows her mind. The Women’s Studies and Literature professor 

is the latest in a long line of feminist firebrands determined to break the mold at

Wolcott University. When her biological clock tells her it’s time to bust a move, 

Avery does what she does best—she takes care of business all by herself. 

Or, so she thinks….

Dominic Mann is happy with his life just as it is...

The widowed baseball coach is content and sees no point in changing his lineup 

this late in the game. Still, a man would have to be dead not to notice a live wire 

like Avery Preston. But a one night stand was all either of them wanted. 

There’s only one complication...

The clinic where Avery was inseminated has been hacked. Now, she not only 

knows who the father is, but she knows the father. In the biblical sense. Avery 

shows up on Dom’s doorstep with a bun in the oven, a bellyful of ethical 

righteousness, and the absolute conviction that she doesn’t need him.

Soon, the two of them are caught in a rundown between their hearts and their heads. 

October 25
Margaret Ethridge
Ingram DV LLC

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Happily For Now

Avery Preston, Professor of Women's Studies at Wolcott University, is unique and unconventional. When she decides she wants something, she goes after it. Not believing in marriage, but wanting to become a mother Avery decides to get artificially inseminated. After a failed first attempt and a final fling, Avery finds out she's pregnant. Never knowing her own father, Avery believes she can be "enough" for her and her baby. When a technical glitch at the clinic identifies who the donor is, things become complicated. Avery knows the father...

Dominic Mann is the head baseball coach at Wolcott University. After losing his wife to cancer, he's become a recluse of sorts. Wanting to have a drink, he heads for the bar and runs across Avery. After a "not so amazing" night together, Dominic figures he'll never see Avery again. Until she shows up on his doorstep....changing his life forever.

Conquering old demons is hard, but easier if you have someone to support you. Love and support doesn't make you less of a person. It makes you human. Although I loved Avery's no-nonsense ways and bluntness, I don't think I could've put up with her as long as Dominic did. Words cut deep and she excelled at it! I truly believe there has to be give and take in a relationship for it to work. Avery didn't, thinking her way was the ONLY way. I was proud of Dominic for standing up for himself as she was truly using him. Once he did, it was a game changer! For two adults with advanced degrees, they were dumb at times. They never "talked". Dominic tried, but to no avail. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. In this case, it's what they needed. I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.

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