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The Firing Of Coach Mike Leach:

The Backroom Deal That Deflated the Red Raider Nation.

By Michael Lee Lanning

Acclaimed author Michael Lee Lanning uncovers the backroom dealings that led to the firing of Coach Mike Leach and turned the Red Raider nation against the Texas Tech administration.

78 percent of all Texas Tech students and alumni believe Coach Mike Leach should not have been fired.

67.5 percent feel Chancellor Kent Hance and the Texas Tech administration badly mishandled the situation and never should have dismissed Coach Mike Leach.

72 percent have an unfavorable opinion of ESPN announcer Craig James.

Based on survey of Texas Tech students and alumni conducted September 2-3, 2011.

“I strongly urge you to not close this matter concerning Adam James … I don’t want to eliminate our ability to use this to our advantage should we determine to use it to terminate Leach.”

--- Email from Regent Larry Anders to Chancellor Kent Hance, December 27, 2009

“Contract obligates TTU to pay ‘completion bonuses’ (800K in 2009 and 200K in 2010) only if he is head football coach at University as of December 31, 2009 … but if we fired him on November 30, 2009, contract does not entitle him to receive the completion bonus.”

--- Email from Regent Jerry Turner to Regents John Scovell and Larry Anders, February 20, 2009

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Customer Reviews

Crabzomatic ,

Fantastic Book!

Mike Leach is a tremendous coach and it's an outright shame that Craig James and the Texas Tech Board of Regents and that knucklehead, Kent Hance, had to get their fat little fingers into Leach's professional career. Adam and Craig James are a laughing stock, and I have to say that I enjoyed seeing the elder James' foray into politics, end up as a colossal failure.

ESPN, in their support of Craig James, just shows how out of touch they are with the mainstream. Also, Tommy Tuberville isn't even half the coach that Mike Leach was. The firing of Mike Leach will be forever etched in history as one of, if not THE, biggest blunder in Texas Tech's less than stellar decision making department.

All the polls have now closed in the state of Texas, and the US Senate campaign of former ESPN analyst Craig James has reached its inevitable nadir, struggling to even gain 4 percent of the statewide party vote as ballots continue to be counted.
An unmitigated disaster from the start, James quit his cushy, well-paying job at ESPN to engage the likes of John Q. Texan on why he should be the state's next senator, but instead exposed himself as a gay-baiting homophobe with laughable "communication skills" who couldn't even convince SMU fans to vote for him.

ESPN is not going to hire him back, so we're left thinking it was all an ill-timed, poorly executed p.r. stunt in the wake of the Mike Leach/Texas Tech controversy. (Even if that was the case, Leach still comes out of this on top.)

Swing your sword, Mike Leach. Swing your sword!

LindsyNicole ,

Double T Double Cross

Does a great job on giving all the facts in the firing of Coach Leach

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