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A compilation of eight incredibly hot Emily Cantore erotic short stories. 40,000+ words.

Blind Date
Helen has given in to her friend's pestering and said yes to a blind date with Casey. But instead of some strapping hunk, a gorgeous twenty-something girl turns up at her door.
Casey is a girl's name?
It wasn't the date Helen planned but it was the date she needed...

Going Down
Jesse has been caught writing some very detailed smut in her English Lit class. This calls for a trip down to the Principal's office... where he has a blindfold, a red rope and a very interesting approach to school discipline...

The Professor
Psychology student Jenny has an embarrassing secret about how hot she gets while being embarrassed ...
She's also got a little crush on her too-sexy-for-words Professor, Nick. One day after class, he smacks a broken down projector and Jenny can't hold herself back. It could be *her* he was spanking.
It's going to get very hot in the classroom today...

Night Visit
Maggie is so hot for teacher she can barely think straight. But if short skirts and low-cut tops aren't going to grab his attention, she's going to have to try a more direct way to get into his bed...

Good Cop
A spur of the moment crime and barely legal teenager Emma is hauled off to the local jail by Paul, a hulking cop who is as cold as ice.

When she decides to start moaning in fake pleasure, she quickly finds how bad a good cop can be...

Fire Man
The fire started in the kitchen while Lucy was in the bath distracted with some naughty thoughts. Her neighbor Sam comes to the rescue, playing the fireman and saving then house from burning down. Lucy is dripping wet and wrapped in a towel. Sam is tall and gorgeous with a slow Southern drawl.
It's about to get very hot in the kitchen again...

The Actor
Ella has a favorite video clip of a girl being dominated whilst wearing a blindfold. She meets Lucas online. He's an actor and willing to play out any role...

Oiled Down
Eilse is looking for something to spice up her sex life with her husband John. Her secret lover Kathy suggests a sexy webcam show with Kathy on the other end might work.

It's hotter than any of them imagined and then Kathy decides a picnic is the perfect place to take it further...

Fiction & Literature
June 4
Emily Cantore
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