Down in Flames Down in Flames
Book 2 - Hot in Chicago Rookies

Down in Flames

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A steamy and emotional standalone MM firefighter-hockey player romance …

"I loved Jude and Hudson and their hard-won romance! Watching them fight their love, then fall in love was everything!" - #1 NYT Bestselling Lauren Blakely

It was supposed to be a random hookup.

At a crossroads, my life a hot mess, I swiped right on the guy with the washboard abs and the tree-trunk thighs. His handle was Holt (yeah, really) but as soon as he opened the door, I recognized him: Hudson Grey, the hottest prospect in pro-hockey and apparently, secretly playing for my team. Not mind-blowing enough? He needed someone to punch his V-card, and I was only too happy to volunteer as tribute . . .

Then he ghosted me when it got to be too much.

A year later, my life is back on track and I’m a candidate firefighter at legendary Engine 6. While I might be new to the Chicago Fire Department, I’m a veteran in the game of steamy hookups. My No. 1 rule? No newbies. Except now Hudson has been traded to my hometown team, the Chicago Rebels, and he’s out, proud, and ready to date. And he wants my help introducing him to the local gay scene.

My messy past means I’m the worst guy to be mentoring the shy, sexy jock. But neither can I stand by and watch while others touch the man who already feels like mine.

I might have been his first, but I’m about to learn that the new guy has even more to teach me about hunger, hope, and falling hard . . .

Includes: First times, hot firefighters, sexy hockey players, mini-golf shenanigans, meddling friends, and fighting like hell for the love of a lifetime.

December 6
Kate Meader LLC
Kate Meader LLC

Customer Reviews

nora charles ,

Fire and Ice

This was such a great book! Kate Meader has created such rich and wonderful worlds with her two series, “Hot in Chicago” and “Rookie Rebels.” And this book brings those two worlds together in the best way. Hudson and Jude were a great pair and I loved how they both had their strengths and weaknesses — and how they supported one another. I really liked watching as the two of them fell for one another. It was so obvious that there was a special connection between them and the way they became closer and shared more of themselves with one another felt so real and natural. It was in turns sweet, funny, romantic, sexy and reaffirming. It was, in short, a beautiful love story and I highly recommend it.

Cheryl33610 ,

Could not put it down

What happens when you merge the hockey players from one series with the firefighters from another? Down in Flames is born, and what a sexy, sweet, adorable child it is. Cute as a button Hudson meets experiences and sexy Jude through a hook-up app, determined to punch that v-card of his while staying anonymous...and still in the closet. Their connection goes way beyond the physical, but something happens to spook Hudson, so they don't reconnect until more than a year later. Jude has spent that time getting his act together and joining the Chicago FD, while Hudson gets traded to the Rebels after finally letting his rainbow flag unfurl. Neither has forgotten the other, but while Jude isn't looking for a relationship, but Hudson is. Instead, Jude will introduce Hudson to the gay scene in town and give him the confidence to find who and what he needs. But as we all know, those plans never quite work out the way the main characters think they will, and feelings are caught. Oh, so many feelings. But what was just as fantastic to read about was Jude and Hudson as men outside of their connection. To watch Hudson gain confidence and Jude to find his way back to friends he's hurt is every bit as satisfying as watching them fall in love. There's a lot of cameos in this book, which I adored, but new readers don't need to feel intimidated. They only add to the richness of the story, as well as thrill long-time Kate Meader fans. I promise, you'll be itching to binge those earlier books as we all wait for the next one in the series to be released. I just wish I could give this book more than 5 stars!

Astroyic ,

Five Alarm Blaze!

Passionately explosive and soulfully seductive. Hudson and Jude’s story will have you spellbound from the beginning to the end. This is Kate Meader’s first M/M contemporary romance and although I would normally not read this genre. Since I am a big fan of Kate Meader I had to read this. I loved this story. It was perfect, so tastefully done so full of heat, heart, humor, and emotions. Every single page was filled with yummy perfection. Oh my! So good! I swooned hard for these characters!

Hudson Grey is at the start of his hockey career. He has been hiding his sexuality his whole life. So when he decides that he needed to finally lose his virginity to a stranger, he picks a town where he thinks nobody would know who he was. Uses an alias and checks into a upscale hotel and swipes right on a tattoo hottie.

Jude Torres has had a rough life since his mother died. Him and his father have never connected and his life had been one wrong move after another. It was supposed to be just a random hookup, with a guy with the cut, washboard abs but as soon as he opened the door he recognized him. Hudson Grey the hottest prospect in pro-hockey and secretly in the closet. He needed someone to punch his v-card and Jude was happy to help. Then he ghosted Jude when he found out he knew who he was.

A year later Jude is a candidate firefighter and has gotten his life back on track. No longer into newbies he has learned his lesson.

Hudson Grey has been traded to Jude’s hometown team, the Chicago Rebels and he’s out, proud, and ready to date. Even going so far as to ask Jude to introduce him to the local gay scene. But Jude’s knows with his past, he was the worst one to be showing the shy and sexy hockey player around.

But Jude cant deny, the memories of him being Hudson’s first is an absolute obsession. But he has to draw the line, because potentially introducing this guy to the delights of another man’s body was firmly not on his list of priorities. But Hudson has a thing or two he would like to teach Jude for a change if only he didn’t play so hard to get!

Kate Meader does an excellent job of taking an often misunderstood lifestyle and presenting it in a romantic and exciting manner. Her descriptions were so vivid and tastefully done. Hot and sexy, her words steam off the the pages. Causing those little zips of excitement, with heart racing, blood pumping, as well as a wide grin on your face great read.

Received an early copy and this is my honest review.

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