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In today's day and age, social media and technology have improved and increased creativity in our projects, however many have done so while sacrificing the quality of sound.

Do not be the next filmmaker with a great vision to be disappointed with the quality of your production's sound. It is NOT ENOUGH to have great video footage without having quality sound!

Down to the Wire is an interactive eBook that will improve the quality of your production sound by teaching you the tips the pros know. Learn how to use lavaliers in a professional manner, improve your set etiquette skills, and watch video demonstrations of how to wire talent to increase the quality of your audio.

Do NOT be fooled into thinking your camera's internal mic will give you the quality of sound your production deserves. 

So, let's get Down To The Wire and start recording GREAT sound right from the start!

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January 29
Video Mantis Inc
Video Mantis Inc

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michael496 ,


I love this book! It has a wealth of information and techniques for wiring talent in a variety of situations. It’s a fantastic resource, and I’m happy with my purchase.

New Old School ,

Fast Track To Successful Sound

I've been in video production for fourteen years and sound location recording for three of those years. I have largely been self taught regarding sound because i didn't know anybody in my region to apprentice with in order to learn the tricks of the trade. Needless to say I got a few things right but have had my fair share of trial and error moments as well.

Thomas has written--hands down--the best interactive tutorial I have ever read. Down To The Wire can shave years of mistakes off of your career and provide you with valuable techniques you need to know now. You not only read about the techniques, but they are clearly demonstrated in video format as well, so you see exactly how to wire your talent in a variety of situations. This is an indispensable book for those new to sound recording, but I would also venture that even seasoned pros will learn some new tricks as well.

This is the best $29 I have ever spent to advance my career and reputation. I only wish I had this book several years ago at the beginning of my sound career. Before you spend a chunk of change on your next piece of gear, I would recommend purchasing Down To The Wire first. It's a game changer.

droidrules ,

Fantastic tutorial

Thomas has made the tutorial that I wish existed when I started recording location sound (25 years ago). As a matter of fact sound mixers of any experience will benefit from Down To The Wire.

Anyone recording sound for picture in 2013 needs to know how to competently place lavaliere microphones. Down To The Wire will help you gain that knowledge.

I highly recommend this book.

Peter Schneider
Adjunct Faculty, NYU Tisch School of the Arts Graduate Film
Co-Owner, Gotham Sound and Communications, Inc.

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