Downward Sizing Dog Downward Sizing Dog

Downward Sizing Dog

A Reformed Big Dog Snob Defends the Small Dog Life

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Publisher Description

Embrace the fascinating universe of small dogs in this captivating new book by Karen Lena Izzo. Whether you’re already a small dog enthusiast or a recovering die-hard big dog fan like Izzo, you’ll love Downward Sizing Dog as it celebrates the charm and character of small breeds.

Combining humor, scientific insights, and engaging stories, Downward Sizing Dog invites readers to delve deeper into the impressive world of these little canines, proving their worthiness of not just respect, but also immense adoration.

Written with a blend of personal anecdotes, scientific facts, and heart-tugging interviews, Izzo pulls back the curtain on what it means to be a small dog in a big dog’s world. Not only will you meet a plethora of pint-sized pups and their grateful owners, but you’ll also get to understand the latest scientific findings about these little canines, explained in an easily digestible manner.

Whether you’re a fan of Great Danes or Dachshunds, this book will broaden your perspective on the canine kingdom, shedding light on the often underestimated smaller breeds and their significant role as human’s best friend.

Downward Sizing Dog is an enjoyable read for every dog lover, no matter their preference in size. Critics have praised it as a “home-run book,” and a “lovely read” filled with “delightful insights into the world of small dogs”. So, sit back, curl up with your furry friend, and get ready to explore the world through a smaller, but equally lovable, lens.

"Through humor and wisdom, [Izzo] shares her own journey and that of other converts in this delightful, well-written and thoroughly researched must-read book. Now I look upon my small rescue dog with even greater appreciation and gratitude for her keen intelligence, ease of care, and her big dog heart." C.M.Amazon Reviewer

"With humor and relatability, author Karen Lena Izzo teaches us that small dogs are DOGS. And she does so by writing in such an engaging way that you often forget you're reading a "why-to" and "how-to" reference book." Lisa Rimmert, Author of Stay: My Forever Friendship with an Aging Dog.

"So much of Karen’s story has been my own… To fall in love with a small dog has been the greatest gift to our family...Thank you Karen for so beautifully writing and sharing this secret with everyone else;) I highly recommend this book! " Jennifer Lambert, Amazon Review (Canada)

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January 28
Small Dog Press, LLC
Small Dog Press, LLC

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Great for all dog owners!

Helped reinforce my love for small dogs. Combination of research, humor and what we as humans can gain from having dogs in our lives.