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Want to be healthier? Dowsing is the key to success.

Do you wish you could use the intuitive skill of dowsing to improve your health, but don’t know where to begin? In "Dowsing For Health", Maggie and Nigel Percy share their decades of professional and personal dowsing expertise to help you become a masterful health dowser, so that you can get accurate, actionable answers to questions about your health and how to improve it. They share all the tips and tricks that have helped them create better health, save money and avert disaster for themselves, their pets and their clients.

In "Dowsing For Health", you will learn:
•Valuable techniques to improve the accuracy of your dowsing answers
•Proven dowsing protocols for getting answers that could save your life, or at the very least, a lot of money
•How to customize your healing, fitness or dietary program for greater success using dowsing
•How to avoid pitfalls that sabotage your dowsing
•How to dowse for yourself and others
•How to select the perfect health professional or healing modality
•and much more!

"Dowsing For Health" is a comprehensive guide that offers you a ‘big picture’ approach to health that you can customize to suit your preferences and beliefs. You are unique, and dowsing for health is the best way to chart your path to excellent health by helping you to choose among the many complex, confusing and costly or potentially harmful choices available to you, so that you may reach your health goals as quickly, safely and easily as possible.

"Dowsing For Health" is not one-size-fits-all. With health dowsing, you create a personalized plan for achieving your health goals, whether you just want to be more fit and strong, or you are eager to resolve a longstanding health challenge. "Dowsing For Health" empowers you to create a health regimen and healing program perfect for your unique needs.

Get "Dowsing For Health" today and begin your journey to better health and empowerment!

Please note: Being able to dowse accurately is a prerequisite for getting the most out of this book. We recommend our Discovering Dowsing course if you haven’t had a good dowsing course. Dowsing is an intuitive skill for answering questions your brain cannot answer, not a healing modality like pendulum healing. This book does not teach healing methods, though it shows you how to use dowsing to pick the most effective one for your needs.

September 25
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