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Boost your dowsing skill and knowledge with this bundle of the 3 best-selling dowsing reference books by Nigel and Maggie Percy of Sixth Sense Solutions.

Dowsing is a natural intuitive skill that takes time and practice to master. Too often, we have heard dowsers say they don’t know what to use dowsing for, or they don’t trust their answers, because they aren’t that accurate, or they don’t know how to ask a good dowsing question. As with any skill, there are many terms and applications that can lead to confusion, as well as historical references that are not easily accessible in the literature.

These three books give an excellent foundation for becoming a masterful dowser.

“101 Amazing Things You Can Do With Dowsing” helps you expand how often you use this amazing skill in your life with ready-made questions and clear interpretations of results. This book is offered as a freebie separately, but included in this set, because to become a good dowser, you must dowse, and this book includes over a hundred things to dowse about.

“Ask The Right Question” offers done-for-you, excellent dowsing questions you can use for health, finance, relationships, career and more. It also teaches you how to be a master craftsman of good dowsing questions.

“The Dowsing Encyclopedia,” the most complete dowsing reference guide on the market, is a must for any serious dowser’s library. You can turn to it for clear definitions and explanations of all the common dowsing topics and terms and many of the esoteric ones, too.

“The Dowsing Reference Library” will help you reach a higher level of dowsing mastery quickly and with less effort than if you had to learn things on your own the hard way.

Buy the discounted bundle (it's significantly less expensive than getting the books separately) and take your dowsing to the next level.

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October 31
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