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Alcoholics Anonymous, by its very nature, could not have been founded by one person. Its essence is sharing. Therefore, Bill W. and Dr. Bob are always referred to within the Fellowship as the co-founders. So far, among the majority of A.A. members, the Ohio surgeon has been less well known than his partner. He died in 1950, when A.A. was only 15 years old. But his influence on the whole A.A. program is permanent and profound. This book gives a portrait of Dr. Bob as full-sale and balanced as possible—for the most part, in the words of those who knew him personally. The young man who grew up in Vermont became a hard-drinking college boy, then a medical student fighting the onset of his own alcoholism, a respected physicia n, a loving but increasingly unreliable family man, and at last a desperately ill drunk. He was without hope until he met a stockbroker from New York—Bill W., who urgently needed a fellow alcoholic to help him maintain his own sobriety. His story then becomes inextricably entwined with that of Alcoholics Anonymous: from a fledgling Fellowship to a powerful spiritual movement with a worldwide reach. Dr. Bob’s story remains instructional and inspiring to those who read it today.

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September 24
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macjeffff ,

An inspiring biography

More than a history of early AA in Akron, this book provides many insights into the life of the cofounder, Dr. Robert Smith, and his wife Anne. The example of their dedication and humility will live on for generations to come. One of Dr. Bob's favorite motto's came from the Book of James: "Faith without works is dead." Dr. Bob's living faith saved lives and helped change the world.

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