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Playing doctor in paradise…

Raegan Reynolds never realized just how hot the spotlight could burn until it nearly destroyed her surgical career. She knows who she is now, and she won’t let any man make her forget again. All she wants is to enjoy her vacation in the Dominican Republic before she lands the role of Denver’s Graton Gift Hospital’s newest chief surgeon.

Thirty seconds. That’s all it takes for one perfect specimen of a man to take control of her passion. Under his rock-steady hands, her knees go too weak to do what she ought to do—walk away.

Women don’t make Dr. Noah Alexander’s hands go clammy—until this one. One look at her freckled nose, crooked grin and intelligent eyes, and his pulse races. But she refuses to reveal her real name.

Peeling away her layers won’t be easy, but he’s determined to make it happen. Just when he’s broken through her walls, however, Raegan’s reminded that giving into passion means sacrificing her career.

Noah’s going to prove her wrong.

He’s done playing games. For the first time where love is concerned, he’s playing for keeps.

February 8
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Customer Reviews

MaryW fan ,

Hot & Steamy

Another fun book from Virna DePaul. Noah & Reagan meet while on vacation in the Dominican Republic and end up having a wild vacation fling without sharing any personal info. But real life intrudes when Reagan finds out Noah is a doctor & too close to her old lifestyle for comfort. How these two find each other again & learn to trust their feelings and explosive chemistry makes for a good read.

twilk30 ,

I loved it!!!

Noah needed to get away to find himself again so a vacation was in order. He never thought he would bump into someone he had such a pull too. Raegan was going through a lot and needed to find out what to do next with her life. The more time they spent together the more Noah wanted to know more about her. Will Raegan let her guard down and let him in or run?

I really enjoyed reading about Noah and Raegan. I loved their chemistry from the very beginning. Also even though they had this chemistry I also loved the playfulness they had with each other. I loved seeing their characters develop over the course of the story.

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