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Balance your pH and create the perfect environment for the body to thrive with the 4-week meal plan from the Dr. Sebi Plant-Based Alkaline Diet Cookbook.

Why should we all eat according to pH?

Dr. Sebi studied for many years the beneficial effects of an alkaline diet on the body, particularly to normalize blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. An alkaline diet can also improve general conditions in cardiovascular, liver, and kidney problems and many other situations whose resolution is very much related to the body's alkalinity.

With the recipes in this book and following its 4-week plant-based meal plan, it is possible to restore the body's best functioning conditions while eating tasty recipes like Caramelized Pear Crèpes, Alkaline Tacos, and Italian Cannelloni.

---- What will you find in Dr. Sebi Plant-Based Alkaline Diet Cookbook?

✓ 16 basic recipes that will allow you to prepare many ingredients at home, saving at least $100 a month in grocery shopping.

✓ 26 smoothie recipes, perfect for getting your day off to a great start or for planning more advanced detox and cleanse periods.

✓ Complete, nutritious, and easy-to-cook meal recipes with just a few ingredients to suit everyone's needs.

✓ The perfect alkaline ingredients to restore the correct pH with their anti-oxidant effect and those to avoid.

✓ A 4-week plant-based meal plan to start applying Dr. Sebi's teachings right away.

✓ A Dr. Sebi Nutritional Guide, downloadable with 1 click.

And much more.

Dr. Sebi Diet can rapidly support your immune system and help you regain balance even in case of extreme stress.

Are you ready to feel healthy, energetic, and alive again?

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April 25
Imani Johnson
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