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Lothanol is arrogant and bored, which is a very dangerous combination. His people are sorcerers and they use elementals to summon magic, but their power is very limited. Imps are the next in the hierarchy and they can be used as a conduit to summon their more powerful brethrens, demons, but summoning imps or demons is forbidden.

Lothanol despises rules and he spies on the demon world, seeking knowledge and caught in the act of making a pact with the demons he is banished by his own people, the Eldric. In a pique of temper he takes the name Drachar, unhomed, and swears a terrible vengeance on his people. His powers are stripped from him and he is cast out from his home with no possessions nor food with frost on the ground. His survival is in doubt as he curls beneath a bush with only his anger keeping him alive.

He forges an unholy alliance with the demons by offering them ten thousand souls, but the demons demand one hundred thousand and without quibbling Drachar accepts. Only all out war will deliver so many souls and the old enemy Trosgarth is his only potential ally, but he must cross the land to confront their king and persuade him to his cause. Meanwhile his people, the Eldric, must find a way of countering the growing demon threat. How does one defeat creatures with scaled armour and the power to destroy armies? Only the bravest sorcerer dare summon a demon, for failure results in their soul sent screaming to Hell for eternal damnation.

The quest is on to defeat demons and first they must be summoned and then their weaknesses explored, whilst Drachar summons his own allies and prepares for a war that will pit sorcerer against sorcerer and armies against the might and power of demons. Caught in the middle are the other races of the land. Lacking sorcery they are easy prey to Drachar and his demon allies. Fear and terror stalk the land and a great darkness descends, threatening to consume friend and foe alike.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 7
David Burrows
Smashwords, Inc.

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