Book 1 - Dracones

Dracones Awakening

Dragon Shifter, Teen/Young Adult Romance

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Publisher Description

If it lives, it can die … even immortal dragons. Unfairly cursed and then mercilessly hunted for a thousand years by a powerful group of druid witches, the Dracones fight for their very survival.

After their village was massacred, Tierney and her friends fled the realm of Tartaria for Earth, keeping their identity as dragon shifters secret. Only you can’t run from the past—a point made crystal clear when twenty-one-year-old Tierney gazes into the tormented eyes of the man she loves. 

His failure to protect his brother long ago left Jax broken and full of rage. Now as his Awakening approaches, his powers grow unpredictable. If he survives the emergence of his dragon, he fears he will endanger the one he loves above all others—Tierney. 

Their past catches up when Tierney has a brutal vision. The Ilyium have found them, triggering ancient instincts in the Dracones and now Tierney and Jax must overcome their legacy and learn to trust in themselves in order to avoid the Ilyium’s sinister plans.

This is the first book in the Dracones series for readers of any age.

If you are a fan of paranormal romance, get Tierney and Jax's story and be swept up into a magical world of betrayal filled with immortal dragons, shapeshifters, werewolves, wereleopards, vampires, witches and so much more.

July 9
The Willow Branch Publishing
Sheri Marean

Customer Reviews

PelicanFreak ,

This was okay, details to follow:

After seeing this book in so many other authors’ newsletters, I definitely had to check it out. Thankfully, my local library offers it in audio format.

This is set in an interesting fictional world, Earth but ‘another dimension’. I enjoyed this as it was familiar enough to be relatable, but different enough that demons and shifters roaming around were plausible.

The writing itself could be stronger, things were repeated fairly often and I got ‘over’ hearing about Jax’s “pools” (used for his eyes many times) and “rock hard” you-know-what over and over and over again, but it’s not bad by any means. The author may just need more experience and/or a stronger editing team.

What I enjoyed:
Steamy scenes
Dramatic misunderstandings / assumptions
Found family
Fun world-building
Likable characters, decently developed for the most part.

Things that could use some work:
Felt very juvenile—kept having to remind myself that these leads weren’t 12 years old. (Actually depicted as 21 and 22.)
The steamy scenes were extremely cheesy at times, and very cliche throughout.
Many overused words and phrases—clearly this author favors just using her few ‘tried and true’ instead of aiming for variation.

Overall, I did finish the book, though … I almost didn’t plenty of times.
Based on this read, would I read more from this author? Maybe. I’m open to it. If there’s reason to believe her writing’s improved or she’s using a solid editing team or something like that, since this book was released, then probably. I’m open to it anyway.

2.5 stars per Goodreads’ system. Probably 3 elsewhere? “It’s okay.”
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

These narrators took some getting used to, both more read than perform, often sounding a bit like Siri or other ‘AI servants’ as I call them. (If I could stand to listen to AI narration, I wouldn’t need audiobooks, I’d just have my devices read ebooks, which are significantly cheaper to me. Unfortunately, I typically require actors who perform the story.)
However, by the time I was a bit halfway through I was adjusted to them enough to see the book through. Both have pleasant enough voices and if they lost the ‘robotic’ reading style, I think they could be amazing narrators.

The production itself could use a bit of help … there were times the narrators sounded distant and there were several entire chapters where a painful, high-pitched screech could be heard in the background. If you’re bothered by this sort of noise, you may want to opt for print or e-copy.

PNRBookLover ,


I have a new love affair. The Dracones series is amazing. I first read the adult version but, I fully intend to read the rest of this kid-friendly version as soon as it comes out. The way Sheri changed it to make it clean are awesome. Sheri has done an amazing job bringing a new world and new creatures to life. I love how I got to experience so many different points of view and hear how so many different characters would contribute to the story. At times I wanted to jump into the book and knock Jax upside his head but, alas, I don't have Mary Poppins powers. I truly enjoyed this book and I'm seriously looking forward to the next. I can't wait to hear more about Tierney, Jax, Sami, Thaniel, Zander, Amelis, Brimstone, Caden, Genna, Hellfire, Kyrian, Soroyan, Taraven, and many more.

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