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I thought I was a pure-bred angel, but I soon find out I’m so much more…

When huge black, rubbery wings shoot out of my back, I learn I’m part Succubus, part demon.

Even with this epiphany, I’m still no closer to understanding who I am, where I came from, or why I’m missing my memories.

Worst of all, the one person I trusted above all others, Dragan, the King of Shadow, turned on me. You’d think the fact that we both possess shadow magic would bring us closer, but it doesn’t.

Learning I’m a crossbreed, Dragan shuns me. Where once we shared passionate embraces, now he’s coldly suspicious and distant. And the King of Nature, Cambion, treats me even worse, rebuking me with expressions of disgust and rude comments.

Strangely, Baron, the King of Death, is the only one who accepts what I am. He says it’s because we are one and the same—the shadow magic that animates him, also animates me.

Good thing I have an ally in Baron because I’m stranded in an unfriendly world I know little about. Everywhere I turn, enemies are after me, eager to return me to the King of Angels, Variant, who wants me dead.

With the way things are going, I wonder if Dragan and Cambion still believe I’m the answer to defeating Variant or maybe they’re more inclined to deliver me to my fate at Variant’s hands…



I’ve fought my closeness with Eilish for this reason. Maybe it’s why I reacted so badly at discovering she’s more than she is—that she’s Succubus. Maybe my reaction was just an excuse to crawl back into my hardened shell, to refuse to be close to her.
No, I tell myself. Your reaction was born from the fact that she fooled you. She seduced you and you fell for it, because that’s what Succubae do.
Yes, I know only too well what Succubae do—how they destroy a man, how they suck from him his very will to live.
It’s hard to be near her, especially when only a few moments ago I was reminding myself how dangerous closeness was. I continue to question who the true Eilish is—an innocent angel, or a highly deceptive demon?


She appears so alone out here. So small. Not the creature I’ve become so wary of, but a confused girl trying to navigate a world of which she knows very little.
Regardless, my sympathy is in short supply, and I refuse to reveal the softer side of my feelings toward her. Ever since Variant’s betrayal, trust is not a commodity in which I’m willing to trade.


She’s clearly a crossbreed. And as a crossbreed, I’m convinced, she’s all the more powerful, able to draw on the powers of light and dark. Furthermore, I must also admit this darkness within her appeals to the darkness within me. I knew there was something about her that called to me.
Unlike Dragan, I’m not attracted to her angelic nature. Her lightness might entrance him, but it does nothing for me.


Large hands grip my wrists as the right side of my face bashes into a large and broad chest. When I look up, I find Dragan glaring down at me.
I’m relieved.
He’s furious.
“What are you thinking?” he demands. He doesn’t drop his hold around my wrists but continues to clutch them, as though he’s afraid I’ll take off if he releases me…

(Reverse Harem)
1. Angel
2. Dragan
3. Baron
4. Cambion
5. Variant
6. Theren (Coming Soon)

(Reverse Harem Fairy Tale)
1. Snow
2. Goldy
3. Aria (Coming Soon)

November 12
HP Mallory
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

invadertwink ,

A must read for fans of supernatural fantasy with a sexy twist!

From the first page of “Dragan” I was once again engrossed in this enchanting world, glad to be reunited with Eilish, Cambion, Baron/Revenant, Dragan himself, and last but not least, the hilarious and brilliantly useful sprite, Flumph!

The revelation that Eilish is both angel and succubus drives the narrative in this book, as readers learn that the Great War wasn’t lost simply because Variant was all powerful, but rather due to the fact that Dragan fell for the fabrications woven by Lamia, Queen of Succubae and Variant’s lover. Lamia claimed that Variant had destroyed her species and raped her daughter, stating that she wanted revenge against the King of Light no matter what the cost. However, things are not what they seem, and Lamia’s lies damage the carefully woven attack that Dragan and Cambion had planned in the wake of Baron’s death, causing their destruction and leading to not only the annihilation of balance in the Realms, but also to Dragan’s ultimate submission of body, mind, and soul.

Due to this, Dragan cannot give Eilish the same unconditional love he showered her with at their first meeting, and much time is spent on the tension between them as his newfound attitude towards her leads her to doubt herself in every way imaginable. Eilish believes she is a good-hearted person, but as her companions begin to turn on her when they find that she has a demonic nature as well as an angelic one, she loses that faith in herself. This doubt only worsens as the Midnight Queen, Morrigan, and Silvanus, the enchanting, consistently nude being of nature, rage war for Eilish’s powers.

All the while, the group also searches for answers to Baron’s past, attempting to aid him as he fills in the gaps as to why he confronted Variant, and what exactly led to the precise moment of his death - as well as his rebirth.

While this is all complicated enough, Variant’s constant pursuit of our protagonists keeps the reader on edge throughout every second of each chapter. His presence is felt through flashbacks as well as the henchmen and women he sends to capture our angelic demon on a regular basis. Yet although he is mentioned incessantly, he simultaneously remains a shrouded figure in a beam of light- clearly visible yet impossible to read.

Pascal does a truly phenomenal job in creating a multilayered world that is both fun and fast-paced, yet surprisingly dense and compelling. The scenery and actions described in this novel range from disturbing to sensual, horrifying to spellbinding; all themes that transition so seamlessly, they occur in the blink of an eye. The ending had me holding my breath, and I was so shocked by the events unfolding that I couldn’t let it out even after I turned the last page. A must read for fans of supernatural fantasy with a sexy twist! 5/5

Shortgirl8698 ,

Still interesting and can’t wait for more.

I am having a hard time binging this series. It is moving incredibly slow. I still think this world is interesting. I think the hybrid Angelbus is wonderful. I was thrilled when she slapped him across the face showing the backbone that she has. She should have one and show it. I can tell she is growing as a character. Her naïveté could definitely drag the story but she isn't. What is hindering the story, are the whiney men in her life. I am tired of reading these brutes' internal dialogue that does nothing to move the story along.

Update: I finished book 3 and it gets better.

SI_iPod Touch ,

So good, I read it in one sitting!

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, book two comes along...This book pulled us even deeper into this realm and gave us more crucial character development. What wonderful plot twists! And just like the first book in this series, it has me jonesing for the next installment!

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