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Dragon-blessed twins Neela and Naaz have waited nearly three thousand years for their chance to awaken their fated dragon mates. On the brink of a war with the enemy who enslaved them, their commander finally sends them to do just that. 

But the twins’ mission isn’t called “Operation Wildcard” for no reason. These dragons are unique. Zorion and Asha are the children of the Immortal Blue named Belah; Zorion was sired by none other than The Void himself, and Asha is the product of Belah’s ancient union with the dragons’ former enemy who is now their most powerful champion in the war. These dragons’ powers are unknown, and Neela and Naaz will be the humans to reveal them and recruit them for their cause. 

But their true enemy is ever watchful, and when Neela makes a risky decision to reveal her new lover’s powers, things go wrong. It will take nothing short of immortal dragon fire to set things right, but neither twin will be quite the same.

March 6
Animus Press
Animus Press

Customer Reviews

DasBeach420 ,


This is a very hot book

Acworth Von ,

Absolutely Amazing Read

Absolutely Amazing! Dragon Blessed is the next book of The An Immortal Dragons series It's a exciting, intensely, erotic and it will have your heart pounding a mile a minute while you read. I don't know what's going on with the authors so far this year, but the books I have been reading lately is absolutely breathtaking fabulous. I must say there are a lot of Dragon Romance to read today but for me there are only a few whom I really appreciate and enjoy reading and one author is Ophelia Bell I must say that her Dragon series are books that you don't want to miss reading this is a series but you can read each book as a standalone that means you can start reading any book in the series but they are more enjoyable if you start from the beginning. But I must confess that's not how I started reading this series but I soon caught up because after I read one I had to read them all. Now to Dragon Blessed, Ok you may want to get comfortable with whatever is your choice of ice cold beverage, for myself I needed a fan, my own crush ice mixture of grape drink and grape juice plus I hope you have a understanding partner and family because you will become totally engrossed in reading this book. There are some phenomenal characters in this series and this book is a prime example. Believe me when I tell you this story is so intense you will be turning page after page like nobody's business. If you have never talked to the characters before you will with these characters, but a little advice try not to scream at them to much, because there where times I kinda want to yell at them and my husband asked who was I yelling at, talk about embarrassed ( oh well somethings can't be helped 😌). The story is a lot different from the first five, each story is very emotional, more intriguing, riveting as the one before, but there are enough twists to make you speculate about what will happened next when you turn the page. This story features Neela, Zorion, Asha and Naaz as the main characters. Neela and Naaz are twins who must find and awaken Asha and Zorion their dragon mates. Naaz and Neela's journey to find their dragon mates is coming to the end. The story is so compelling from the beginning to the end, It's the struggle of good over evil for light and dark balance. Who or What is the driving force behind this fight. Ophelia Bell has brilliantly written this enthralling and fascinating Immortal Dragons series. Ophelia Bell absolutely amaze me with her creativity of worlds, characters and just her overall imagination. I enjoy her hot erotic scenes along with each description of her Dragons. This book has a great change in pace which flows into a awesome read. Each and every book has been hard for me to stop reading until I finished it, but this one is even more hotter, more dominant and I find myself more in love with all the characters. So much so that when the book ended in a sort of cliffhanger I didn't mind because it means more books to read which makes waiting for their HEA more exciting. But I'm anxiously waiting for the next book in the series.

muzklvr ,

another amazing book for Bell

FINALLY!!! with each of Bell’s books you get drawn deeper into the dragon ‘family’ and that much more invested in each characters HEA! and the fact that she will bring you back to previous main characters just keeps the story fresh and necessary...i don’t wanna the series to ever end!!!

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