Dragon Chains

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Publisher Description

Dragon shifters, fake identities, and betrayal; secrets that will either turn them into bitter enemies or forge a passionate, burning love with the strength to last an eternity…  

Sent halfway across the world in her identical twin sister’s place to sign a contract with a reclusive billionaire, Katy Toure has no idea what she’s walking into. Before she signs anything, however, she meets the most amazing, drop-dead gorgeous man of her dreams. Even if all she can have with him is one night, she can’t resist the hunger in his eyes or the way he makes her body sing.

Ryker Draquonir, king of the dragon shifters, takes one look at the woman sent to sign a contract with him, a contemporary marriage of convenience, and knows she is an impostor. Fate has stepped in after centuries on his own to give him his heart’s desire; for the woman standing before him is his true mate.

Ancient Draquonir law forbids Ryker from revealing the existence of dragons and other magical creatures to her before he has claimed her, so if he wants a chance at happily ever after, he will have to seduce her to get it; woo her as only a billionaire can. Dragons love to hunt, and he will do anything to capture his true mate’s heart.

September 15

Customer Reviews

Arieslady52 ,

Hotter than dragonfire

Katy falls fast and hard for Ryker. Problem 1: She’s pretending to be Emily, her identical twin, and Ryker has a strictly business relationship to Emily. Problem 2: Ryker is a dragon shifter, an ancient immortal who wields untold magic and power. Problem 3: Ryker’s dragon is out of control, and will soon need to be put down to save his own people. Only his true mate can save him. Its tragedy in the making. Does dateless Katy, the overworked, underpaid, dutiful daughter and twin-saving sister, have something to do with all this? Can dragons breathe fire?

Goddess of Chaos ,

“Without a mate he would lose himself forever in the dragon’s torment.”

Ryker has chosen to take an unheard of, unorthodox step… but centuries without his true mate has left him convinced he has run out of options, until the answer to the prayers he’d given upon came walking through his door.

Being a sister is hard enough, being Emily’s identical twin means Katy has come through for her sister in a pinch over the years, and thought she’d finally drawn a line in the sand, but this time Katy isn’t sure which sister got more than they bargained for.

This done in one book creates a fascinating Universe I hope the authors plan to revisit. This particular story drew me in with the internal dilemmas and moral conflicts as Katy sought to be a good sister, and Ryker took unprecedented steps on behalf of his community.

LisanneH ,

Romantic and steamy

Loved it.

I seriously read it in a couple of hours.
Once I stared, I couldn’t stop. An extremely romantic and steamy, shifter story, beautifully written and immensely entertaining.

An excellent start for the series and I’m read for more.
Right now.

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