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The author of the national bestselling Vampire Earth series presents the fiery conclusion to his epic dragon saga.
Scattered across a continent, three dragon siblings are among the last of a dying breed-the final hope for their species' survival.

After fighting a war that cost each of them kingdoms, friends and family, and their honor and glory, they have removed themselves from the troubles of the world. But the order they fought to establish is falling apart. Ancient sorceries have been awakened. Dragons battle dragons. And men are taking up arms against their winged overlords. Now, the three must unite once more to save dragonkind from extinction, before the chaos and fire of war consumes them all...and the world with them.

Fiction & Literature
November 30
Penguin Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

Nickudomus ,

It was awsome

This was a good series I thought it was totally worth reading. The first book really grabs on to you and you have to find the end. It was really good. But I worn you if you don't like the first book don't be a duma$$ like megatronus and read the whole series then complain about it like a baby!

alfredisgr8 ,

Just Awful!

I confess, I have read all of the Age of Fire series, and as I did I couldn't help but ask myself "WHY???" I must enjoy reading terrible books, or I'm a sicker for dragons. I confess, I was interested in the idea of the story--dragons with unique cultural and political traditions working to better their kind, three siblings coming at the problem from different circumstances, I was very hopeful. And I read each book expecting things to get better, but each book was worse than the previous! I'd like to blame is editors for obvious errors in capitalization (naming conventions), but there are egregious errors in other ways as well--characters appearing out of no where, putting the wrong characters' (MAJOR characters, mind you) names in place of other characters, characters simply disappearing from the narrative--the whole series just seems lazily written. Even the "action" is sort of folded in on itself--things just kind of...happen without any real action even during "action" scenes. This entire series reads like a story written for a eighth-grade English assignment. As the "ending" of the series, I expected a little more, and instead, the major villains are "sort of" dealt with by the main characters. Wistala and DharSii set off to lead the dragons against the demen attacking Hypatia, then the next time we see them they're flying toward the Lavadome? The Copper winks at AuRon as of he has some sort of master plan, he's got some ace in the hole to save the day and then...what? We never see that character again? He actually does NOTHING? The entire aftermath of six novels is summed up in four pages of epilogue? The list of things wrong with this series defies my ability to list them. Don't make the same mistake I made--don't read ANY of these books!

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