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Sarah Rennelle is a teacher who longs for nothing more than summer to return and her crazy roommate to find some sanity. Unfortunately, one wrong step into an alley and she becomes an eye-witness to a terrible crime. The episode leads her to a chance meeting with a handsome man who has his own terrible secret. Even with his mysterious demeanor she finds herself drawn to him, and more than for his good looks.

Adam Grayson is a creature like no other. He's neither vampire nor dragon, but a strange combination of the two. He wants only to survive in his dark world, but a young woman interferes with his single-minded focus. She brings with her a fresh face among old acquaintances, and with her comes a stirring hunger which he has forbidden himself to satisfy. He knows he must keep her out of his world, but a part of him wants her to stay by his side. His two halves fight over his decision, and her, as a deadly danger draws nearer to both of them.

May 15
Crescent Moon Studios, Inc.
Crescent Moon Studios, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Hb314 ,

I want more!!

This book has close to zero romance in it. It’s all world development and sexual tension and build up. That doesn’t mean this book isn’t good. I thought it was great, actually. This story is suspenseful, and packed full of action. It leaves you with equally as many questions and it does answers. The side characters are fantastic, and the mains are exactly what you want to read about. The ending hangs you off a cliff, and makes you really want to to read on. It sneaky, but I’ll bite, because I’m desperate to see where these characters go next.

JonsSweetGirl ,

Poor grammar

I couldn’t read the book more than a couple of chapters. It needs to be edited, spelling and grammar mistakes.

NoMoreGuardians ,

Had to move to TSTL folder

While the writing was technically better than many free ebooks, I can’t imagine how the protagonists survived to adulthood.
The grammar was mostly right, with a few stray commas and indefinite pronouns scattered around. One one incorrect word use jumped out at me.
The characters however, behaved in thoroughly oblivious manners, repeatedly making choices that were obviously going to bring them to easily avoidable and highly predictable danger.

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