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Inside the shadow of the paranormal world, Sarah Rennelle tries to manage her life as much as she can. Between the hectic days of school and the long nights with her new friends, she finds herself strained to the point of breaking. Then there's the trouble with Adam and the way he keeps looking at her. The intensity in his eyes leaves her hot and flustered, and wondering if he won't try to sneak a midnight snack with her.

Adam can hardly control himself. The scent of Sarah's blood drives a newfound instinct to feed, a hunger more powerful than he's ever felt before. He has to force himself to remain focused on the mysteries surrounding the Saints and their purpose in destroying vampires.

Under all this pressure comes a new and ancient foe that threatens to infect the entire city with its terrible curse. Sarah, Adam and their group must join a new ally if they hope to stop the spread of evil, but they're not the only ones on the hunt. The Saints, too, want to capture their foe, and they won't abide by the old saying of 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend.'

July 10
Crescent Moon Studios, Inc.
Crescent Moon Studios, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Hb314 ,

The plot thickens—

Calling this story a romance is a little much, but I can see something—kind of— forming. New truths are revealed, and new foes attempt to take these characters down! I’m not sure any questions were answered, but some definitely jumped onto the already long list! This story is intriguing, and fast paced. The characters you love are back, and new ones join the show. This is a first class groups of characters, and I’m glad that this story is not yet over!
I still need more!!

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