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Who would have thought a human would remind him how to care?

Forget about the big bad wolf. Tomas is a dragon and he eats other predators for breakfast. After his restful sojourn in a dungeon, he's ready for action and love. A pity the doctor he kidnaps isn't on board with his plan of seduction.

Chandra couldn't say what's more fascinating, the man or the beast, but she won't deny she's attracted to him, and not just because he's got a nice hoard. After spending her life fighting against a domineering family, she's more than ready to go toe to claw with the dragon who wants her.

Mating is in the cards if they can survive the machinations of the forces working against them.

June 20
Eve Langlais
Eve Langlais

Customer Reviews

Feelrefreshed ,

Loved it

Male dragon, female scientist action, drama, laughs what more is needed. Finished in a few hours.

Jannie3381 ,

Excitement, evil deeds, romance (an unusual one), and more to anticipate!

Excitement, evil deeds, romance (an unusual one), and more to anticipate!
Chandra Kashmir is an interesting character. She's independent, well educated (a research biologist), married (sort of), finds herself mixed up with an arrogant guy (Tomas, who's in a cell), and in a whole heap of trouble!
Sir Arrogant? Well, he is a scholar - an archaeologist, he has issues developing close relationships, he likes collecting treasures (dragons do that), and he is beginning to think Chandra is a treasure! What follows is a thrilling ride dealing with the mad mastermind and his minions (and falling in love, of course). I find myself chortling throughout! What Tomas says to Chandra and what he thinks to himself, reveals a very conflicted fella. Ms. Langlais has a way with words and a sense of humor that doesn't quit! I'm looking forward to more dragon goodness (soon, please).

NancyW74 ,

Love the Dragons!

The third book in the Dragon Point series continues the story of our heroes in scales. Tomas has been imprisoned by the evil Parker, who is intent on learning his secrets and getting his DNA. Chandra is in the wrong place at the wrong time, and is forced to do Parker’s bidding.

Sparks fly as soon as Tomas and Chandra meet, but neither is willing to trust the other. As events unfold, who will rescue who when the facility is compromised? With the dragons revealed to the world, the pair must do whatever it takes to stay alive, figure out what Parker’s plan is, and take care of the bad guys. The Silvergrace family joins the fray against Parker, and the fight is on!

Will Tomas open his heart and allow himself to care for someone? Or will old wounds make him miss out on a future with Chandra? Will they ever be free from the machinations of others?

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