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Centuries ago, Illarion was betrayed– a dragon made human against his will, then forced to serve humanity as a dragonmount in their army, and to fight for them in barbaric wars, even while he hated everything about them. Enslaved and separated from everyone he knew and from his own dragon brothers, he was forced into exile in a fey realm where he lost the only thing he ever really loved.
Now he has a chance to regain what’s been lost— to have the one thing he covets most. But only if he gives up his brothers and forsakes the oaths he holds most dear. Yet what terrifies him most isn’t the cost his happiness might incur, it’s the fact that there is just enough human in his dragon’s heart that he might actually be willing to pay it and betray everything and everyone– to see the entire world burn in Dragonmark, the next blockbuster Dark-Hunter novel by #1 New York Timesbestselling author Sherrilyn Kenyon.

August 2
St. Martin's Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

Anaxkolasi ,


Illarion was locked in another realm for centuries with nothing to do but fight the ones who had taken everything from him. He was rescued in the book Son of No One. He has hated humanity since he was a young dragon who was attacked and held against his will, until he meets Edilyn. Edilyn has no hope of ever escaping the drudgery of her life. She wants nothing to do with dragons, but things with Illarion are different. Will they be able to get past their differences to forge a future together? I enjoyed this book but I wish it would have had more of their lives in the present.

lmk6 ,

Copy and pasting...Really???

Okay, I want to start out by saying I love this series. She’s an amazing writer and her characters are normally so well developed. But with this book she got extremely lazy.

She literally copied and pasted CHAPTERS from Cadegan and Maxis’ books. She didn’t even the change the wording to Illarion’s point of view. So basically we got maybe a little more than 200 pages of Illarion and Edilyn’s story. 180 of those pages were in the past, too. Which brings me to another point...

Why have so many of these recent books had so much backstory? I get it. We need some. But I really want to focus on the here and now. At least with Maxis and Sera, the main story lines were in the present. It’s boring to read about things you basically already know from other books. Honestly 80 pages would’ve sufficed for the past story here, if even that.

I’m so upset with this book. I love Illarion’s character and I just feel so jipped.

math wizard ,


Another excellent book by Sherrilyn Kenyon! We have a well written story which ties in a lot of the Dark Hunters. The action is awesome and the tragedy is heartbreaking. Yes, you have family, friends fighting a common foe but you have twists to the story which makes it hard to put down! I will say the ending is a surprise and true live wins again!

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