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Dragons have fated mates, and Cai Wyvern is doing everything he can to make sure he never, ever meets his.

Cai, Duke Wyvern, absolutely, positively, definitely isn’t falling into a mating fever, and he’s made dang sure of that. He doesn’t trust his instincts, so he waits for women to come to him and dates them a few times at most. If he starts feeling any sort of magic tingle, he leaps away from them faster than a dragon can fly.

He’s careful, so careful. His father fell into dragon senescence when his mother left, and Cai will do anything to avoid dying like that.

But when he meets Ember Niamh, a gorgeous, funny, flirty witch who dabbles in the arcane side of witchcraft, he thinks she’s great. 

Really great.

Really the greatest greatly great, ever.

A shiver fills his soul when he looks at her. Magic crests over his skin when she touches him.

And the first time they meet, he ends up on his knees with his head swimming so hard that he can barely remember his own name.

But he will do absolutely anything to avoid falling into mating fever.

April 19
Malachite Publishing LLC
Malachite Publishing

Customer Reviews

ButtonsMom2003 ,

A good wrap up for this series.

I really enjoyed reading this final book in the Dragon's Den Casino series. Dragon's and Fire had a lot of light-hearted moments involving Ember and her elementals as she tries to fix the fountain full of sea serpents that we read about in the first two books. While you might be able to read this one as a standalone, I think you will enjoy it more if you read books one and two first.

Cai, Duke Wyvern, never wants to experience the mating fever because it destroyed his father. He refuses to acknowledge the signs when it begins for him – not a smart move on his part.

Ember Niamh, friend to the witches in the first two books, takes over the care and feeding of the sea serpents at the Dragon's Den casino. She is completely drawn to Cai but can't understand his hot and cold behavior towards her.

I love how this story was wrapped up for the three witches, Bethany, Willow and Ember, regarding the problems they have with their witchy powers. We also get to find out which of the men/dragons, Mathonwy, Arawan or Cai, gets picked to be the next Dragon King.

Book two remains my favorite of the series but all three of them are really great and fun stories. I really enjoyed reading something a bit different from one of my all-time-favorite authors, Poppy's alter-ego, Blair Babylon.

Irischrist747 ,

Dragons and fire

This book is funny , Cai and Ember they r a trip Mating fever wow that is something serious. And let’s not forget serpent dragons.they r are stinkie butts and greedy but you would neverthought that Matt, Bethany were going to king and queen 👑

ledoss ,

Fun and entertaining

This is the third and final book in this fun, entertaining series. The trio of witches and dragons, this one deals with the last of the three. The insecurities of Ember and Cai, are the crux of this story. The fun slide with flatulent sea serpents bring this series to it’s close and HEA for all three. Who is the Dragon King? Well, read the book and discover for yourself.

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