Dragons and Magic

A Witches and Dragons Paranormal Romance

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Publisher Description

Mating fever is for old dragons, idle romantics, and suckers.

Mathonwy, Duke Draco, absolutely, positively, definitely isn’t falling into a mating fever for the new little witch, Bethany Aura, whom his company just hired to whip a new Las Vegas casino into shape. The casino is behind schedule, over budget, and a shambling mess of construction debris and dirt. Angel investors are arriving in a month, and someone in the finance department is embezzling money.

But his eyes are changing color to flowing, molten gold, he keeps showing up to hang around Bethany, and he obsesses with buying diamonds and gold to drape all over her, as if she had been dipped in his hoard.

But Mathonwy has a job to do. He’s the CFO for Dragons Den, Inc., and he might be crowned the next king of New Wales, though he’s not particularly sure he wants that job. He’s six feet, six inches tall, ripped from flying instead of taking a plane, and on a dozen committees and boards in New Wales. He has a career. He has a position as a nobleman in his community. He’s too young to settle down with a fated mate.

Yet, as Bethany casts her glittery, sparkling spells and summons adorable, fluffy creatures to clean away the wreckage and arrange the furniture, Mathonwy watches.

He can’t take his eyes off of her.

But he isn’t falling into mating fever.

January 24
Malachite Publishing
Malachite Publishing

Customer Reviews

ButtonsMom2003 ,

A bit different for me but I liked it.

I absolutely love books by Blair Babylon and have been a fan for a long time. When given the chance to read an advance copy of this new book, written by her using a new pen name, I had to say yes. I have to admit that a story about witches and dragon shifters isn't normally my cup of tea but it's Blair!

I also have to confess that I wasn't sure about this story when I first started reading it. The Prologue had so many different names and terms coming at me that it was a bit overwhelming. The next few chapters convinced me not to give up and I'm so glad that I kept reading. The story ended up being a very charming and sexy story.

Mathonwy (Math) is a dragon shifter and Bethany is a witch who has trouble with the spells she casts. All of this leads to some really funny and happenings while Bethany helps Math get a casino in Las Vegas into shape for a group of investors who will be coming to see it soon.

As Math and Bethany get to know each other they grow closer and Math's dragon lets him know that Bethany is *the one.* The sexy time is really hot and the things this couple get up to kept me glued to the book until I finished it.

For those fans of Blair Babylon who are used to her books having cliffhangers I have to tell you that this one is different. The story for Math and Bethany is complete but the last chapter introduces the next story in this series and it's about Bethany's friend Willow and I am definitely going to be reading it!

enj0yl!f3 ,

Dragons and Magic

No matter what genre Blair Babylon writes, I’ve always found her books entertaining, and this book doesn’t disappoint!
This book was funny, the characters were interesting and the plot was not the normal dragon shifter story.
This book was magical and I’d recommend it to any paranormal reader and especially those trying this genre for the first time.
So what are you waiting for...READ THIS BOOK!😊

Elena Jet ,

Dragons and Magic

Loved the story and a different kind of love story.

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