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Dragons have fated mates, but Arawn Tiamat fell in love with a woman who isn’t his.

Arawn, Duke Tiamat, absolutely, positively, definitely isn’t falling into a mating fever, and that’s the problem. A year ago, Arawn met the most bewitching woman, Willow Sage, and they hit it off. Within six months, they’d moved in together.

And six months after that, Arawn still was showing no signs of mating fever.

He didn’t tell her he was a dragon shifter, of course. Natural people have such strong reactions to learning about the hidden supernatural world, so supernatural people don’t admit anything unless they’re engaged.

And they weren’t engaged because, obviously, Willow wasn’t Arawn’s fated mate.

So, on the advice of everyone, Arawn broke it off and broke both their hearts. His fated mate was waiting for him somewhere, and when she walked into his life, he would be helpless to resist the mating fever anyway.

But now, Arawn has been blackmailed into returning to Las Vegas to take over the soft opening of the Dragon’s Den Casino. When he walks into the Human Resources division to meet the new witch who’s going to take care of the sickly sea serpents in the fountain out in front of the casino, it’s Willow Sage.

Willow Sage, the love of his life but not his fated mate, and she’s a witch.

They try to work together to care for the sickly serpents, but their attraction and lingering love is just too strong. Within hours, he wants to spend time with her. Within weeks, he’s hopelessly in love with her again.

But he isn’t falling into mating fever.

February 21
Malachite Publishing LLC
Malachite Publishing

Customer Reviews

bookreader02 ,

More please

Enjoyable read. Waiting impatiently for the next one.

muzklvr ,

fun and crazy

Arawn and Willow know each other. KNOW, know...he waited for his dragon to agree with his heart but Dark Other isn’t cooperative.

Willow was heartbroken but since she couldn’t tell him she was supernatural she just accepted it.

With a second chance and a common responsibility (sea serpents anyone? lol) will they be able to fix fate’s error?

ButtonsMom2003 ,

LOL funny and sexy; this one's really a winner!

I don't read a lot of romantic comedy these days and I'm not really sure why because I do enjoy it. Dragons and Mayhem is one of the best ones I can remember reading in a long time.

I liked book one, Dragons and Magic, but I absolutely loved book two, Dragons and Mayhem. The first couple of chapters runs parallel to book one but we're seeing it from Arawn's POV. You don't really need to read Dragons and Magic to enjoy this story but I think it might enhance your experience and it is a good book.

Arawn isn't happy with how much control his dragon has over him. He's been in love with Willow for a while but his dragon isn't so there's been no mating fever. Because dragons must find their fated mate he was forced to walk away from her. When they meet up again after many months apart, he's still in love with her but also resigned to the fact that he can never have her.

Willow has been hired by the Dragon's Den Casino to care for sea serpents living in the fountains in front of the casino and will need to interact with Arawn frequently. She still loves Arawn but doesn't think she can go through the pain of losing him again. Working with him is going to be difficult for her.

There's no way I can convey, in this review, how funny and sexy this story is. A quick example is a thought that Willow has after conjuring up clothes for Arawn that will expire at midnight: *A swinging dong might not even be remarked upon in some of the places Willow has gone in Paris.* You really need to read it in context to get the full impact of the humor but this is only one example; there are many other laugh-out-loud places.

If you've read any books by Blair Babylon, you know that they are also really sexy and hot. Have no fear, Dragons and Mayhem may be funny but it is also sexy hot! Wait until you read what dragon venom does for Willow – HOT! 😊

Dragons and Mayhem doesn't have a cliffhanger but the last chapter sets up the next story about Cai and Ember and I can't wait to read it!

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