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Following great success in the War on Terror, politicians and analysts alike all over the free world thought that future global conflict was impossible...but they were wrong

Journey into a future where fundamental Islam sharpens its horrific skills & allies with Red China. In such a future, can the U.S. & western civilization survive?

Dragon’s Fury - World War against America and the West projects a future arising out of current events where:

• Implacable enemies of America develop their own high-technology capabilities.
• America's unsecured southern border allows thousands of terrorists to infiltrate.

• The New Economy of off-shore manufacturing and outsourcing severely curtails domestic production while bolstering future enemies.

• Citizens' constitutional rights are eroded in an effort to ensure domestic security.

• Three generations of Americans never challenged for survival, must take up arms to fight for their very existence.

Come on this journey. Can America find the strength & faith to prevail in a worldwide conflagration? Read all three volumes and find out in Dragon’s Fury, by Jeff Head. If you've pondered such issues & enjoy an exciting thriller, you'll love Dragon’s Fury.

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January 14
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Customer Reviews

Battleforce6 ,

Too much

Too many side stories, too much insignificant detail, all detracting from central theme. Struggled to get through.

St_Every_An ,

Stereotypes detract from a good read

The story and concept for the book is great - what happens when the cosy world America (and the West) suddenly turns sour.

That said, the overwhelming use of “inverted commas” for anything even remotely quirky or out of left field, a heavy reliance on stereotypes (Texans eat fried chicken) and populist tropes (it’s always RED China, never just China, the left is weak and misguided, America needs a strong - male - leader) make this hard to get through and spoil a fun tale.

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