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Her dream house is the scene of his darkest hours. 

With his own hands, artist Micah Smith built every inch of the cottage for the fragile wife he cherished and the child who cost her life. His dreams gone and his heart broken, he left everything familiar behind, including the cottage he'd built with such love.

A foster child most of her life, bar owner Jezebel Hart has spent her life longing for family and home. In this abandoned, neglected cottage she sees a chance to create her dream at last. 

That she cherishes what he can't bear to be near is bad enough, but that sparks fly between them adds insult to injury—yet their attraction will not be ignored. Discovering that her bombshell exterior wraps a generous heart, that her inner strength matches the power of her compassion, endangers the hard exterior that has been his only protection from the grief he cannot let go.

For Jezebel, learning that his anger masks a heart in desperate need of healing only strengthens her attraction to him. Her capacity for joy draws Micah from his darkness and makes him want to hope.

But a secret could shatter their fragile bond…before it ever has a chance to grow.

"Jean Brashear's distinctive storytelling voice instantly draws in the reader. She writes with warmth and emotional truth.” ~ #1 NY Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber

September 24
Jean Brashear Literary Trust
Jean Brashear Literary Trust

Customer Reviews

W11nner ,

Dream House

Dream House is an emotional stand alone story in Jean Brashear's Second Chances series. This story is engaging and Is difficult to put it down.

Micah was a man so in love with his wife, Charlotte, that after her death he was full of grief and anger and he moved and left the cottage he built for Charlotte.

Jezebel was orphaned, placed in the foster system and raised herself. She fell in love with the cottage at first site. She has the biggest heart and is able to handle Micah's anger and help him manage his grief.

Highly recommend this book. It is a wonderful read!

Jen G F ,

Dream House

ARC for honest review with no compensation

Dream House is book 6 and the final book in the Second Chances series by Jean Brashear and a very emotional read!

Micah Smith artist extraordinaire built his dream house for his wife, Charlotte but when he lost the love of his life and the baby she was carrying he packed up and moved to New York. Now a few years later, still heartbroken and barely surviving he come home for his mother’s birthday and maybe to find a way to heal his broken heart...

Jezabel Hart, former stripper, voluptuous, beautiful, local bar manager, is looking to find a place to call home and when she sees this run down cottage with the picket fence she knows in her heart this is where she belongs...but will the owner sell??

What an emotional, heart broken journey, sparks aplenty for these two people who are totally opposite but may be able to find a way to heal each other. Can they find their happily ever after together, have the life they both have dreamed about or will it all just go to ashes along with the Dream House???

Mary Rhonda ,


WOW! Not sure what I can say. This has to be my favorite in this series. Two wounded/broken people that manage to overcome and find love. Yes, this story still requires the requisite tissues, but that is just how Jean portrays her characters. They feel real and you can’t help but empathize. This story did not have the grand slam of emotions that most of Jean’s books have, but it was still there. Usually, I am wondering how a happily ever after will be obtained, but not in this story. The gradual build up made you feel that no matter what these two will more than survive. There was no question of how but more of a quiet confidence of when. Thank you Jean Brashear for all your amazing stories.

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