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"Designed to flip the switch from toe-dipper to full-on, change-the-world citizens."  - Yes! Magazine

It was Margaret Mead who said that a small group of informed and dedicated individuals could change the world–and that it was the only thing that ever had. Imagine what a large group of informed and dedicated individuals could do. With contributions from more than 60 pioneering visionaries and leaders, it shines a light on the ideas and people that are grounded in common sense and stewardship. Dream of a Nation is both sobering and inspiring and is a reader’s invitation to be a part of creating the future.

Over three years in the making, a comprehensive path forward is presented across a range of key issues including: Building an Equitable and Green Economy, Waging Peace, Strengthening Community, Media Reform, People-Centered Government, Ending Poverty, and much more. It is everyday citizens who make this nation great and the critical information found in Dream of a Nation empowers us with what we need to be agents of change.

“The most important thing humanity can do is believe in itself. That we can grow, we can change, we can rouse ourselves in time to make big changes happen. Dream of a Nation encourages movement in this direction. It offers hundreds of ideas and examples of how smart, committed and daring we can be.”  - Alice Walker

“Dream of a Nation moves us past party lines and into the realm of what is possible. 

This important work guides even the most disillusioned of us toward innovative measures that, if implemented, could benefit society in amazing ways and make citizen activists out of us all. Inspiring!  - Jennifer Grayson, The Huffington Post

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October 15
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