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The Circle is robbing the dreams of its citizens.
In Logan Kent's world, disease, hunger, and war have all been resolved by the dreams of its citizens thanks to nanobots developed and implanted into everyone as newborns.

At least, that’s how it seems…

Now The Circle wants Logan to join their fold and continue the utopia they've created. He has no reason to distrust his parents—high ranking members in The Circle—until he meets Reina, a girl from the exiled faction “Anyone,” who refuse to give up their free will.

Logan begins to question everything he knows and loves. Can the girl be trusted—especially when she's a medicine thief skulking around Capitol City—or is it really true that peace can only be maintained beneath The Circle's rule?

Fans of The Matrix, Inception, and The Giver have been dreaming of this series for a long time coming.

Scroll up and one-click DREAM SHATTER, the first novel in Ann Hunter’s slow burn ROMANCE dystopian series DREAM RUNNERS, to jump into Logan’s world today.

Young Adult
January 4
Rebel House Ink
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Customer Reviews

Ross, T ,

Like different? This is for you!

Logan Kent and his bestie, Jonas Basker, live in a utopia. When they are old enough, the two young men go for interviews with the government. Jonas does not pass, Logan does. So Logan starts working for The Circle as a Dream Harvester, while Jonas goes to work with the Martinets, peacekeepers for the utopia. This story contains the citizens of the utopia who chose to be chipped so they could have food and other necessities, and the people of Anyone, those that chose another way and the ending is a cliffhanger. Highly recommended.

Karbro59 ,

Great start to a new dystopian series

Overall, I enjoyed this young adult dystopian take on the government controlling lives by controlling dreams.

Logan and Reina are solid enough characters to keep me interested in their story, but with enough questions about their true motivations to make me want to read the next book. Other character motivations are even less clear and I really don’t trust any of them to truly be as they present themselves. Which makes it fun to guess who is good and who is not.

I thought the job of editing code to create and manage dreams was kind of cool. I like that Logan discovers blips in the code, although whether it’s through his basic talent or not is up in the air.

There were some places where I felt the pacing was a tad off, where I’d like to see scenes played out in real time (like the testing challenges).

The ending left so many things unresolved, which is okay in a series—especially one that’s going to release as quickly as this one. There was a BIG question left unanswered that I would have liked to know more about (“wake up”). I’m looking forward to book two.

Recommended for teens 14+ and anyone who enjoys YA dystopian. There’s some violence, but otherwise it’s pretty clean. I give it 4 ½ stars.

armynurse4 ,

Controlling Your Dreams

What happens when the government can control your dreams? This is a start to a very interesting series. Gets you thinking about what I s possible. Waiting for the next in the series.
I recently an early copy and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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