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Sara Barnes has her life totally under control. All she has to worry about is college exams, Christmas shopping, applying to medical school—and what to do about the cute freshman who has a crush on her. And everything is going according to plan, until the night she starts dreaming other people’s dreams.
It’s bad enough that every night is a theater of her friends’ and classmates’ secret fantasies. Worse yet are the other dreams, the dark ones featuring a strange, terrifying man committing unspeakable crimes.
As the nightmares increase, Sara’s life becomes a blur of waking and sleeping, of terror and urgency. Because if she was given this dream-sharing gift for a reason, it must be to stop the killer madman she’s come to know all too well. But how can she stop him when she’s just a student, and they’re only dreams?

Dream Student is the prequel to the Dream Doctor Mysteries

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Mysteries & Thrillers
July 1
J.J. DiBenedetto
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Customer Reviews

kymmie ,

This won't be a book you start & don't finish....

The characters are just like someone you know or have known, so they are easy to like & identify with. The storyline may be "sci-fi-ish", but believing it could happen is not out of the question. The story pulls you in & you get lost in it, trying to figure out how it's going to end. James DiBenedetto pulls the final chapter all together masterfully......And if you are like me, you will immediately look for the next one in the series!

Madalyn Del Cid ,


This is an amazing book ,the book has a lot of suspense .

ZuleykaMarieR ,


I'm so excited to read this book the author himself through good reads sent me a copy and I'm so excited to begin reading it

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