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From New York Times Bestselling Author Kristen Proby comes Dream With Me, an all-new addition to the series that has sold more than

a million copies to date, her beloved

With Me In Seattle Series!

Kane O’Callaghan knows what it is to have his work shown all over the world. His pieces are on display in palaces and museums, including the O’Callaghan Museum of Glass just outside of his beloved hometown of Seattle. Kane is a bit of a recluse, spending time on his farm alone and committed to his art. His life is full.

Until the day he meets her.

Wandering through museums is Anastasia Montgomery’s favorite way to spend her time. Not only does art feed her soul, but it inspires her own art of designing wedding cakes. When her muse seems to be gone, she finds her again among the beauty in the museums of Seattle, and the O’Callaghan Museum of Glass is her favorite. She’s never met the artist, but he must be absolutely brilliant, if he can make such beautiful things out of glass.

Bumping into a grumpy stranger at the museum wasn’t in Anastasia’s plan. And then discovering it was Kane himself was absolutely humiliating.

But when she sees him again at a charity fundraiser, and ends up spending an incredible, unforgettable night with the mysterious glass smith, Anastasia finds herself thinking of Kane and little else, even her precious work. Will this relationship bloom into the romance of a lifetime, or will their dreams of success get in the way of true love?

January 21
Ampersand Publishing, Inc.
Kristen Proby

Customer Reviews

Samantha B. Sokol ,

Loving a visit back to this series!

Loving a visit back to this series! Kane is a famous glassblower, and Anastasia is a baker, and they meet by chance while she is getting inspiration from his works of art, her not realizing who he is initially. Enthralled by her, Kane becomes determined to get to know Anastasia and quickly become inseparable while working through typical relationship things. Nothing too crazy happens in this storyline, rather the focus on dealing with things that normally happen in a relationship and figuring out how to live both lives together, and it added a realistic aspect to reading it. I loved that we got to see some characters from past books, as well as got introduced to who’s next in this series. I always love when authors can revisit and build on a series and book world that readers love so much, and this book is exactly that. Can’t wait for the next book though, because based on the teaser we got in this book it’s definitely going to be interesting!
I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

MonkeyBunsMG ,

Deflated from the lack of sexy

I’m semi new to romance novels. This one has a great story and strong family and love bond. But the sexy scenes are G rated.

DMS267 ,

Sweet & Heartfelt

“How could I explain to her that the minute my eyes fell upon her in the museum, it was like recognizing a part of me I didn’t know was missing? I knew her, right then and there. It was a kind of knowing that I can’t explain, nothing I’ve ever felt before”
~ Kane O’Callaghan

Anastasia Montgomery finds herself looking for artistic inspiration at the local glass museum, little realizing a chance encounter with the artist himself is about to change her life. Kane O’Callaghan, the dreamy Irishman, is immediately smitten and their story is sweet & heartfelt, even though I wasn’t totally enraptured by their instalove. I absolutely adore the entire O’Callaghan clan- a spin off series featuring any of the siblings would be greatly welcomed. And the writing crackles with energy whenever the original Seattle Montgomery’s are on the page- maybe it’s time for a Nate/Jules or Meg/Will follow up book where they can really shine.

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