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Some stars last forever.

"The Red Planet produces many things. High-speed luxury starliners. Plastics, alloys, and gases essential to the construction of those same starliners. Beautiful, dusty red Martian Roses. My favourite pudding, the strawberry Olympus Bun. But the one thing Mars has rarely been known for producing is stellar level idols.

What are idols, you ask? According to my best friend Anise, entire books could—and have—been written on the subject of idols. To me, though, they're people who make me smile and laugh, and who brighten my day simply by being. An idol's job is to be a source of inspiration, a guiding light in times of darkness.

Idols can sing, dance, act, even work as producers for other idols, performing minor—and sometimes not-so-minor—miracles behind the scenes so their friends and rivals can be their best, too. And now I'm about to become an idol myself. Little 'ol me, a girl with no real direction in my life. Frankly, the very idea is terrifying.

And very, very exciting.

My name's Isla Ainsworth, and this is the story of how I became an idol."

Dreaming of the Stars is the combined first five volumes of An Idol Romance, a sci-fi-themed, slice of life lesbian erotic romance series full of positivity and warmth. Each volume is a novella-length (30-50k words apiece for a total length of ~200,000, or nearly three full novels' worth) and my awesome Patreon supporters get access to them as they're completed.

This series will appeal to fans of slice of life shows, Japanese idol lovers, fans of deep world building and lore where the world feels authentic and lived-in, and anyone in search of low-conflict, feel-good stories where cute lesbian relationships are developed alongside the girls' professional lives as inspirational idols. This is an ensemble cast story and all major characters are between 18-23.

Heat Level: Lesbian erotic romance. Explicit and focusing on fun relationships and naughty situations, but generally comprising no more than one-quarter of each book.

Book 1: Starlight Dreamers

Transferring from their home on Mars, Isla Ainsworth and Anise Kendall are the latest entrants to planet Aida's prestigious Dreamstar Academy for Idols. Meeting new friends and potential rivals, Lisa and Mira, they will have to deal with not only the realities of becoming an idol, but also the tricky subject of falling in love...

Book 2: Starlet Sunrise

Having settled into their new lives on planet Aida, Isla and Anise begin the next leg of their journeys as idols with an enjoyable and packed weekend spent with new friends Millie and Eva.

Book 3: New Horizons

Eva meets Anise for the first time, and Mira arranges for the four rookies to observe the academy's top model, Yana Anisimova, at a fashion event.

Book 4: Broken Heights

Isla prepares to enter a dance audition in which she finds herself with some unexpected competition...

Book 5: Discovering Our Direction

Two of the girls, both indecisive for different reasons, finally make big decisions regarding their idol lives.

September 28
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