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The dreamhunting began as a beautiful thing, when Tziga Hame discovered that he could enter the Place and share the dreams he found there with other people. But Tziga Hame has disappeared and Laura, his daughter, knows that the art of projecting dreams has turned sour.

On St. Lazarus's Eve, when elite citizens gather at the Rainbow Opera to experience the sweet dream of Homecoming, Laura, determined to show them the truth, plunges them into the nightmare used to control the convict workers. The event marks the first blow in the battle for control of the Place, the source of dreams. Then, when Laura's cousin, Rose, uncovers evidence that the government has been building a secret rail line deep into the Place, Laura follows it to find out what lies at its end. As she struggles to counter the government's sinister plans, a deeper mystery surfaces, a puzzle only Laura can unravel, a puzzle having to do with the very nature of the Place. What is the Place, after all? And what does it want from her?

Inventive and richly imagined, Elizabeth Knox's Dreamquake, dramatic conclusion to the Dreamhunter Duet, will satisfy readers – whether or not they've read Book One.

"It is like nothing else I've ever read." -- Stephenie Meyer, The Twilight Saga

Young Adult
April 7
Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)
Grades 7-13

Customer Reviews

Stephsem ,

Dream Quake

Great book and sequel to Dreamhunter. Unique and interesting story, very well written.

KafeeBee ,

Beyond words

An amazing story with a style of writing that is so different from what is usually liked that it takes a while to realize its excellent...hard to explain how amazing it is... One of those books that just has to be read to see it's greatness

MoonandStarr ,


Very creative! The writing is so much better than recent works in the same genre. The author doesn't spoon feed but allows the reader to use their imagination and intelligence to enter the story. Read these books a second time for an even richer experience!

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