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Dreams of Gold is Book #1 of two Christian Romance books. It begins with the story of Brenda Wagner’s tragic accident at a skating competition that nearly destroys her lifelong love of skating. Left with crushed hopes and a permanent disability, this story highlights Brenda’s journey of courage to find a new purpose in life, her hopes of returning to the ice, her struggles, and her achievements as she trusts God to help her grow.

In this first book, Brenda Wagner suffers a devastating accident during an ice skating competition. Her dreams of qualifying for the Olympic skating team are shattered when her doctor tells her she will never skate again, let alone walk like a normal person. Brenda refuses to accept her doctor’s diagnosis and struggles through physical therapy to regain the use of her legs. But progress is slow and Brenda fears she may never walk the same again. Almost a year later, to everyone’s surprise, Brenda has learned to walk by herself. Brenda has high hopes of returning to the ice. But Pamela, her skating coach, is skeptical and tells Brenda that she will coach Brenda only on one condition. That she skate with a partner who can work with her new disabilities. Brenda reluctantly agrees, knowing she has no other choice. But her new career in pairs skating takes on a new twist when she finds out Pamela has chosen her ex-fiancé Scott Nichols as her new partner.

Scott Nichols is a skating instructor at the local ice rink. He loves Brenda with all his heart and even proposed to her years ago. But when he left her standing at the altar because of a personal emergency, Brenda never forgave him and broke off their relationship. While Scott still suffers the sting of being scorned by his ex-fiancé, he refuses to give up on love and hopes that Brenda will change her mind someday. To his surprise, Coach Pamela asks him to be Brenda’s new skating partner. Scott rejoices at the opportunity to win back Brenda’s trust and her love. But can he soften Brenda’s hardened heart, or will they only maintain a professional relationship?

Fiction & Literature
December 2
Kelsey MacBride
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Kwahydal ,

Abrupt cliffhanger

The sudden break in to this story came out of no where. It wasn't really at a critical moment that was apparent could make or break the action. Just seemed odd and anticlimactic. Not something that will eat at me to get me to quickly find the sequel. On a different note, I loved the Rose character. What a firecracker. A sequel about her would be worth reading!

Moonpie75 ,


I enjoyed this book as far as it went until the end that left me hanging. I do not like being forced to purchase the next book to see the end. Sorry. Cheap trick.

Summer Fleming ,


Great clean Christian romance!!! There was one curse word that is the equivalent of a donkey, but it only appeared once and after reflecting on past bad attitudes and behaviors. That along with two writing errors are what brought my rating down to 4 stars. Scott is called Scott Porter and then Scott Logan, then Scott Porter again. He is the same guy but I prefer he be called Scott Logan. So there is that one edit needed. And I would suggest a section break of some sort between characters thoughts and timeline shifts. You end one paragraph and go straight into the next thinking you are in the same setting with the same emotions flowing around you, but then you realize the tone has changed and then it has changed because it is 3 weeks later than the before paragraph. All of these errors are easily overlooked or figured out by the reader so don't let them deter you from purchasing this book. Overall great content and interesting story. Not many people write about figure skating let alone a Christian figure skating tragedy turned reconciliation with God, oneself, and loved ones you inadvertently hurt.

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