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Using Bible verses from Ephesians to provide analogical references, this book seeks to provide readers with the logical reasons and spiritual guidance regarding what they might need to keep the enemy at bay in their faith and in their lives, in general. The book defines the enemy as many things: Satan, other people, negative influences like drugs or bad behavior, and circumstances that lead to loss of confidence or direction in life. The resistance that is suggested by Dr. Curtis is the “Armor of God” from the above referenced verse. Using observations from the apostle Paul, he seeks to guide readers to the right way to live—to make them “live strong” and to provide a “dauntless” approach to life.

Going systematically through the armor that Paul observes on a soldier holding him captive—the helmet, the sword, the belt, etc.—Dr. Curtis analyzes what each piece of clothing or armor might protect physically for the soldier and translates that directly to how the readers might use a metaphorical representation of the same pieces (sword, helmet, etc.) to help their own lives in many areas. He explores strength, salvation, faith, and other abstract concepts throughout the book.

After every two chapters, Dr. Curtis provides a real-life “testimonial” that provides readers with a relatable story in which one or more of the qualities or pieces of armor are represented. Juxtaposed with the Biblical references regarding the soldier and the apostle Paul, the “testimonials” provide examples from a random person’s home life, another’s professional life, another’s school life, and so on. They are meant to hit all the concepts home and provide a devotional slant to the analysis—a concrete “take away” for the readers.

The book’s premise is “armor” and the subsequent strength that it implies. The book is meant to be a guide for those looking to obtain success and happiness in their lives through improving their faith. For the purposes of a large demographic, the parallels are clearly drawn and the examples are ageless and genderless—very much a book for the masses—all those wanting to improve their lives and strengthen their faith. It is a step beyond Dr. Curtis’ first book on faith.

Religion & Spirituality
April 10
The Church Online
Willaim H. Curtis