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True love never goes out of style….

Once renowned for creating the most envied gowns in London, Madame Follette’s dressmaking shop has fallen far out of fashion. The approaching coronation of King George IV offers a chance to reclaim former glory by supplying stunning new wardrobes to the most glittering society in Regency England. In the face of long-held secrets, looming scandals, and the potential ruin of their shop, the dressmakers of Follette’s are undaunted, not even by the most unexpected complication of all: true love.

The Duke’s Dressmaker by Madeline Hunter

When the Duke of Barrowmore walks into the dress shop, Selina Fontaine assumes her secret identity will be compromised. Four years ago this man’s brother seduced her and abandoned her to scandal, and she holds the duke responsible. To her amazement the duke is more interested in pursuing her than exposing her, however—and that pursuit soon becomes seductively pleasurable.

The Colors of Love by Myretta Robens

Delyth Owen’s exuberant passion for her new job as a dressmaker at Madame Follette’s is matched only by her love of diverse, vibrant, and frequently unfortunate color combinations. Simon Merrithew, the pseudonymous author of a well-regarded fashion column, is horrified by the gown Delyth creates for a friend, and suspects her motives. He sets out to uncover her duplicity, but instead, he uncovers genuine joy and discovers the colors of love.

No Accounting for Love by Megan Frampton

Miss Katherine Grant is a lady’s companion, one whose number of dishonorable offers (six) greatly outweigh her honorable ones (zero). Now tasked with making certain her charge, Lady Euphemia, does not contract herself to someone inappropriate, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to Mr. Henry Dawkins, the inappropriate gentleman Lady Euphemia wants to charm, who keeps the books at Madame Follette's. But it seems that Henry only has eyes for Miss Katherine Grant.

A Fashionable Affair by Caroline Linden

Madame Follette’s is Felicity Dawkins’s birthright; her mother founded it, and now she runs it. She's fiercely committed to making it the most exclusive modiste in London. The Earl of Carmarthen also has big plans for the shop—he wants to buy it and tear it down, to make way for a grand new boulevard of shops. One way or another, he’s determined to persuade Felicity…not only to sell her shop, but to explore the passion that sparks between them every time they meet.

September 12
Myretta Robens
Vine Street Anthology

Customer Reviews

Peg1951 ,

Love is in Fashion

Once at the top of the fashion list for ladies of the Ton, Madame Follette’s has come upon hard times. As fashion changed, Sophie-Louise, Madame Follette, did not. At her children’s urging she has retired and left the running of the shop to her daughter, Felicity Dawkins. She, along with her brother and a handful of talented and loyal seamstresses, are determined to bring Madame Follette’s back to the top. Along the way, they meet some very interesting clients.

The Duke’s Dressmaker by Madeline Hunter
A commission from Selina’s new client could be good for Madame Follette’s re-entry to the fashion world. The Duke of Barrowmore may put paid to the opportunity. There is an unpleasant past for the Duke and Selina. Believing she may get up to mischief, he vows to keep an eye on her. Spending time with her, Randall discovers she is nothing like he thought her to be. How can he make things right? Randall is arrogant and duty-driven. Selina is strong and independent. They are both in search of something. It might be each other. Randall may well have to do some soul searching, and find a way to make his wastrel brother grow up.

The Colors of Love by Myretta Robens
When Delyth Owen get a bad review from the fashion column called “Aglaea’s Closet,” she is afraid that it might end her job with Madame Follette’s shop, and worse, her career as a dressmaker. She is pleased when a new client (recommended by the lady who wore the dress in the bad review) commissions a gown and presents the possibility for more, including a dress for the coronation. Simon Merrithew accompanies his sister Louisa when she came to meet Delyth. He insists that Delyth come to their home for the design selection and the fittings. What is he up to? Simon is a slightly judgmental and determined man. He has a secret, and it has to do with his interest in Delyth’s methods and motivations in her dressmaking decisions. Louisa is a kind and understanding and attempts to keep her brother in line. Delyth creates beautiful designs, but she absolutely loves brilliant colors and it shows in her finished products. She does try to match the gown to the lady who will wear it. This truly is a story about the colors of love, and the ending is perfect.

No Accounting for Love by Megan Frampton
Henry Dawkins, Felicity’s brother, is the bookkeeper for Madame Follette’s. He is quite large and very shy. Lady Effie Hammond has pursued Henry since she was fifteen (she all of eighteen now). Katherine Grant has the dubious honor of chaperoning Effie. Effie arranges several meetings for her, Henry, and Katherine. Funny thing, she finds other things to do leaving Henry and Katherine to entertain each other. Is she simply flighty or is she up to something? The more time the two spend together, the more they like each other. Will Effie be upset by this or is it possible she’s matchmaking? This is a really cute story, with loveable characters (even Effie).

A Fashionable Affair by Caroline Linden
Just when Felicity Dawkins begins to bring Madame Follette’s back from the brink of failure, she learns that Vine Street will be torn down around her. She doesn’t know her mother has received offers to buy the building or that all the other buildings on the street are already sold. Evan Hewes, the Earl of Carmarthen, is behind the moves on Vine Street. He plans to tear down the old buildings, widen the street and rebuild, modernizing the business area. Felicity is devastated. Evan agrees to find her a shop that she can afford and will bring in the kind of clientele to continue the shop’s improving status and finances. In their effort to find suitable space for Felicity’s shop, two things happen. Evan falls in love with her, and he discovers secrets about her family that he is determined to keep. Things get more complicated when Sophie-Louise come to town to set everything and everybody straight. Can Evan and Felicity find a solution to this dilemma? Will they find a way to be together? Evan and Felicity are great together, strong and intelligent, adamant about their goals and confident in the outcome. The story presents the characters with a challenge that keeps the reader’s attention.

Cynthia Y. ,

Wonderful Anthology!

I loved how all the stories intertwined at different points in time with the various characters. It enriched the story world and I enjoyed reading the different character perspectives about the same event. The stories flowed from one to another smoothly. The last story in the anthology, A Fashionable Affair by Caroline Linden is Felicity's story. Felicity runs the modiste shop and all the stories revolve around the shop. Her story was a wonderful ending to the anthology.

I received an ARC in exchange for a review.

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