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Drew…southern boy, former Air Force and CIA Special Ops.  Now, he works for Lighthouse Security Investigations as a Keeper.  And has his eye on Babs.

Babs Mabrey, also a former CIA Speical Ops and the woman who manages the Lighthouse office.

When Babs is injured in the line of duty, the LSI boss sends her on a vacation.  Fun in the sun on a Caribbean cruise.  But when the cruise from hell is more than she can take, she decides to enjoy the islands on her own.  A run in with modern-day pirates puts Babs in danger and on the run.  

Drew jumps at the chance to fly to the Caribbean to aid Babs, only to get stranded when a storm hits the island.  Finally giving into their mutual attraction, secrets are revealed and love blooms.

But pirates and corrupt police have them running for their lives. Staying one step ahead, they fight back until the other Keepers can come to the rescue.  

Language and scenes similar to what you would find in an R-rated movie.  For adults only.

October 29
Maryann Jordan
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Cheryl SDS ,

So intimate!

WOW! This author really puts you into the heart of it with this one. This is book 4 in the Lighthouse Security Investigations series and it features Drew and Babs. Everyone at LSI knows these two have a thing for each other. After Babs gets poisoned on a mission, Mace sends her on a vacation. She takes a cruise and is miserable. She leaves the cruise early and stays at a resort. Mace has Drew fly to pick her up when trouble strikes. Their seduction of each other was so intimate, so tender, I almost felt like it was too private to witness. It was beautiful. It was watching two people who are already in love with each other, come together for the first time.

The story line was great but bearing witness to the start of Drew and Babs love story was AMAZING! As always, the characters were fabulous and the story had a nice, steady progression. I can’t wait to see who’s next!

Agent$$$$ ,

Drew and Babs

Drew, the pilot of Lighthouse Security, leads everyone to believe he’s a player. But when Babs is injured in the line of duty, he’s the first one in and the one to never leave her side. Drew knows Babs has secrets and there’s a reason behind why she doesn’t go out in the field, but hopes she’ll eventually open up to him.

Babs is “forced” to go on vacation after an assignment gone awry. Babs doesn’t really do vacations, but decides a cruise might be a good thing. After suffering seasickness, Babs disembarks to hopefully enjoy the remainder of her vacation-on land. But pirates and a hurricane don’t exactly add up to her idea of vacation. The only person who can make her vacation better, in her mind, is Drew...

Finally! The wait is over! Maryann Jordan does NOT disappoint. Usually not one to write a bit of a cliffhanger, but Maryann makes it well worth the wait. Drew and Babs bicker like brother and sister. Each former military, they now work for Lighthouse Security. They think they have everyone fooled with their bickering, but the chemistry between the two is off the charts! Babs is strong, resilient, and a survivor. Drew is patient, loving, and extremely supportive. He’s also a bit of an Alpha🙌🏻. But Babs harbors secrets. Will her secrets tear them apart or bring them closer together? I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.

Ladydi232 ,

Romance with action and adventure

Drew is the fourth book in the Lighthouse Security Investigations Series. Each story is a standalone with connected characters. Both Drew and Babs work for Mace at LSI but Babs works in house and doesn’t usually go out on missions.
Reading the previous stories I knew there was something brewing between Drew and Babs, but both were trying to ignore the pull.

“Sweetheart, life happens. We just gotta roll with it. The great thing is when you got someone special to roll with.”
A giggle slipped out, and she said, “Jesus, Drew, there was so much sage advice in the middle of all that, and yet it still seemed funny.”

After a rough mission ended, Mace insisted that Babs needed a vacation and she goes on a cruise. But things do not go according to plan, Babs is not feeling her best and she ends up on an island, embroiled in trouble.

“Thank you,” he breathed. “Thank you for giving yourself to me.”
She opened her mouth to speak, but her words came out rough. She cleared her throat, took a deep breath and let it out slowly, and began again. “I could not have given this to you if I did not know how carefully you would have handled it.”

Babs is a great heroine. She used to work for the CIA and is a strong and capable woman but has trouble admitting her weaknesses. I loved seeing Babs open up to Drew and show him her vulnerabilities.
The story was loaded with romance, action and adventure that kept me flipping pages and reading beyond my bedtime!!
-5 Stars!-

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